Broadcasting Efforts for a Better Tomorrow

Imagine a world with limited pollution, safe sea life, clean oceans, roaming wildlife, lush forests. Carbon emissions are at an all-time low, we use clean and renewable energy, trash mountains are a thing of the past… This is the world EarthX is striving to achieve with their streaming website for environmental conservation media.

General Client and Project Information

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Custom Website Development
Web and Mobile Responsiveness
WordPress, PHP, Responsiveness, Salesforce Integration

EarthX Impact

With a goal of organizing efforts across the globe to create a sustainably cleaner and better world for all; the international nonprofit partners with organizations from multiple industries to achieve their vision of a better tomorrow. EarthX inspires and educates people and organizations through video media, by hosting a large library of short and documentary video on their website.

App and Client Requirements

Since the primary objective of EarthX is conservation education to organize industries and individuals, we needed to build a comprehensive media library. The best option was to custom develop the frontend of the website and implement a heavy-duty CMS. We chose WordPress for the vast library of plugins including the Google suite, SEO resources, document upload, and media libraries.

Website Development Solutions

There are several domains under EarthX. Their marketing website, the streaming website, and their film event website. We worked on their marketing and film event site. We worked side by side with their team to develop a functional layout and aesthetic page design. Once the design was finalized, we begun work on their website development. Starting with configuring the backend and content management system.
The entire site was built from scratch, merely using WordPress as the content management system. The CMS provides staff at EarthX complete control of their website content and video library. Since another big part of the EarthX site is their event sales, we integrated with Salesforce as the customer relationship manager, to assist in tracking donors and ticket sales.
By leveraging their website and online media libraries, EarthX is able to urge enterprises and individuals alike to think consciously about conservation and eco friendly solutions.

Key Features of the EarthX Website

  • WordPress Content Management
  • Event and Payment Module

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