UT Austin: Dell Medical Anatomical App

A custom-built web app for easily accessible study material. Anatomically correct diagrams were illustrtated to visualize the actions of specific receptor types in the human body.

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Becky Chase
Article date
April 13, 2023
Web App

Why managing AI risk presents new challenges

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The University of Texas at Austin has a state-of-the-art medical facility to educate the future of medicine. With the future intertwined with technology it was only logical to invest in software to better educate these budding medical professionals. That’s where Nexrage came in.

General Client and Project Information

Client Name | UT Dell Medical School

Client Industry | University - Higher Education

Project Type | Web Application

Platforms | Website

Technology | React Native, .NET Core 3.1, SQL Server, JavaScript

Abstract of UT Dell Medical School Web Application

The application is intended to demonstrate the interactions of the nervous system receptors with chemical agents in the human body. The model our developers built was based off a rudimentary diagram created by a UT Medical professor. This web-based application would be used to assist students and physicians in learning and retaining biological information.

App and Client Requirements

The challenge was to create an interactive diagram that would allow users to visualize these effects and highlight each organ that was affected by different agents correctly. Our diagram would have to depict and properly show the effects of agonist and antagonist agents at the receptors both separately and simultaneously.
Since this tool was to be used by professors and educators this application had to be anatomically and biologically correct. We worked side by side with professionals within the Dell Medical School to ensure the display and terminology were accurate.
The most important features and factors we developed in this project were:
  • Creating Interactive Diagrams of both the male and female body
  • Analytics Dashboard to regulate and track clicks and time spent on the learning tool for educational research purposes
  • Accessibility
  • Responsive Design
  • Scalable platform to support multiple universities up to 100k+ users
  • Web Development Solutions

    We sat down with the client team and discussed technical requirements such as security protocols, account fields, compliance integrations as well as desired features. It was clear this application was going to be complex, nuanced, and a precise development strategy and architecture would be required for the app to remain fast, secure, and compliance.

    In our first meeting with the UT Austin team, we discussed the scope of their project, their timeline, and their features. The timeline was set at 3 months, our team was tasked to develop at a rapid pace to complete this project and accommodate for the aggressive timeline. We used the previous design and features as a launchpad for their new and upgraded application. The biggest challenge our team faced was providing a clear interactive modal to depict the changes as the user cycled through different agents.

    To accomplish the project within their budget and timeline, we used React. React is a flexible and responsive framework, mainly dealing with user interfaces and UI components, allowing us to build custom graphics and elements to fit the client’s needs. .NET Core 3.1 was utilized for the backend to allow for modern architecture, scalability, and security.

    The Result

    The UT Austin Dell Medical School App brings responsive elements and visuals to students and educators for a unique and interactive learning experience. Allowing students to retain correct information while visualizing the effects on the body. Educators have seen a positive trend in student’s involvement in their education and their academic performance.