Custom Inventory Management Mobile Application

Brookshire’s is a Tyler, Texas based grocery store chain. With more than 180 locations across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, it was vital that the chain had a custom inventory tracking and management system to be implemented across the locations.

General Client and Project Information

Client Name
Client Industry
Project Type
Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy
App Development
iOS and Android
React Native, API Integrations

App and Client Requirements

Without previously having any inventory tracking solutions, it was vital that we built a fully functioning system with all their desired features. The application needed to be easy to use, for efficient and quick training in various locations. Since the system needed to manage multiple locations a fully integrated admin portal was necessary to track inventory across all the locations, with individual portals for stores to track internal inventory and report discrepancies and loss of product due to damage or expiration dates.

Mobile Application Development Solutions

Since the primary objective of EarthX is conservation education to organize industries and individuals, we needed to build a comprehensive media library. The best option was to custom develop the frontend of the website and implement a heavy-duty CMS. We chose WordPress for the vast library of plugins including the Google suite, SEO resources, document upload, and media libraries.The application would be ‘preinstalled’ on corporate devices, either Android or iOS. Nexrage Studios needed to create a custom mobile application with the ability to scale the client side as Brookshire’s expanded. We used React Native to develop both the Android and iOS app at the same time. React Native is a framework created by Meta (formerly Facebook) to ease their development cycle and timelines. The framework allowed us to develop once, ensuring that features and UI were consistent across the platforms. We just had to push the code to the individual bases.

The Result

With their new inventory tracking system in hand, Brookshires is able to monitor, manage, and track their entire inventory from the palm of their hand.

Key Features of the Brookshire's App

  • Track Inventory
  • Report Loss or Discrepancies

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