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Brookshire’s is a Tyler, Texas based grocery store chain. With more than 180 locations across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, it was vital that the chain had a custom inventory tracking and management system to be implemented across the locations.

General Client and Project Information

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  • Project Type
  • Platforms
  • Technology
  • Amarillo College
  • University | Higher Education
  • CMS Website
  • Web and Mobile Responsive
  • WordPress, WAMP, W3G Accessibility, ADA Compliance
Synopsis of Amarillo College and TPMN

The Texas Workforce Commission worked with Amarillo College to create the Texas Peer Mentor Network, also known as TPMN. TPMN is a community created to assist adults in accessing middle-skilled jobs and wages. Made up of adult education professionals and Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) providers, both groups work alongside Amarillo College to offer resources and materials to aid in career development.

CMS and Client Requirements

The project scope included features such as, an easy-to-use content management system which allowed for ease of upload for videos, documents, photos, as well as managing event posts, news updates, newsletter signup forms, and more.

Through our initial meeting with the Amarillo College team, we determined the most important factors to success were accessibility, content, and mobile responsiveness. The technology used to bring their platform online, were WAMP, a local server for WordPress. An image picker for the header, and only a select few vigorously tested plugins.

Website Development Solutions

Once the theme was designed, WordPress UI was used to select the specific theme. And our team began developing the rest of the CMS as well as ensuring proper documentation would be provided to the Amarillo College POC. Once a majority of development had been completed, our quality assurance team members started testing functionality, security, and cross-platform compatibility. Once the QA team gave its seal of approval, and the web app was completely functional, our team pushed it live from the staging site, and handed over the code and ownership to the client.

Major roadblocks we encountered while working on this project, were communication over assets, logos, and colors.

The Result

WordPress is a reasonably simple platform to develop a website for. Our team was able to fully develop their content rich website within four months.

The team behind TPMN is now able to manage educational content whether it be documents, event listings, photos, or videos.

Key Features of TPMN
  1. Admin File Upload
  2. Easy-To-Use User Interface
  3. Easily Update, Remove, and Edit Content without the need of a developer

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