Digital Gift Card Wallet Application

How many gift cards have you thrown away without using the funds? How many gift cards have you lost? Regardless of your answer, the Gem app aims to solve these paint points. From favoriting retailers to buying and trading gift cards. Gem has it all.

General Client and Project Information

Client Name
Client Industry
Project Type
Mobile App
iOS and Android
React Native, .NET Core 3.1, Azure, API Integrations

Synopsis of the Gem Wallet

Gem aimed to remove the painful recurrence of losing gift cards and gifting funds for establishments friends or family do not frequent nor enjoy. Never misplace or forget about another gift card again and get insights into what kind of gift cards your friends have. Know exactly which retailers your friends and family love by viewing the retailers they've favorited.

App and Client Requirements

Gem came to us initially as Trade ‘Em for mobile application development. The main features of the app, now called Gem, are storing, purchasing, using, gifting, trading, or punching rewards cards. “Gone are the days of gifting someone the wrong gift card.”

Mobile Application Development Solutions

Our team worked to create a modern and sleek design to produce a simple yet unique digital gift card marketplace.
We integrated with a third-party API to allow users to buy gift cards from a variety of vendors, anything from The Cheesecake Factory to Old Navy, or Omaha Steaks. While unable to pay using a credit or debit card via the app, use the app to pay with a gift card. Users were able to search and favorite merchants and vendors which was publicly available on the app for others to see.
Users were able to trade, buy, gift and sell gift cards with other users, as well as send funds similarly to Venmo to your friends and family.

Key Features of Gem Wallet

  • Searching and favoriting merchants
  • Trading, Purchasing, Selling, and Gifting
  • Sending funds to other users
  • Favorite other users

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