Social Networking Application for Geeks

Do you have niche interests or hobbies? Do you have trouble finding people with similar interests in your day-to-day life? Geekstyr is a friendship and dating app designed to bring people with similar “geeky” interests together.

General Client and Project Information

Client Name
Client Industry
Project Type
Mobile App
iOS and Android
React, .NET Core 3.1, Azure, Custom API

Synopsis of the Geekstyr

Geekstyr aims to remove the stigma surrounding ‘geeking out’ about fandoms, games, movies, and more. By allowing users to select their hobbies, fandoms, favorite genres, and interests the application will create a list of ‘compatible’ users. Whether your purpose for the app is to make more friends or start a romantic relationship.

App and Client Requirements

Since the app was catered to ‘Geeks’ the design needed to be retro and reminiscent of a nerd relics. Alongside the retro design, we assisted their team in creating a feature and requirement list. Users will login with their phone number and create their profile, selecting interests from predetermined categories, profession, age, preference, and more. An algorithm or API would be needed to gauge users’ compatibility or ‘synergy’. Users should also be able to message each other within the app for their safety and security.

Mobile Application Development Solutions

Our team of designers and software developers worked side-by-side with Geekstyr to create a friendship and dating app catered to the geek niche market. Our team worked on creating a list of 25 predetermined interests, such as “Disney”, “RPG”, “Cosplay”, “Sci-Fi” and more. Our team of developers also built a custom messaging platform to protect users from potential abuse.
To match users to compatible friends or dates, our team created an API to match users’ interests to each other. To reach the maximum number of users, our team developed an Android and iOS application. By using React Native we were able to easily and efficiently build both of their applications.

Key Features of Geekstyr

  • In app messaging
  • Custom Interest Matching API
  • Compatibility Scores
  • Fandom/Hobby Categories

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