Cannabis Compliant Point of Sale System

Nexrage Studios Custom Software designed and developed the first of its kind fully contactless point of sale system for the Cannabis industry. Unlike any POS system, Artis IQ allows the merchant to manage key business aspects such as inventory tracking, loyalty rewards or customer relationship management and location specific capabilities. All in one business management.

General Client and Project Information

  • Client Name
  • Client Industry
  • Project Type
  • Platforms
  • Technology
  • Artis IQ | ACE
  • Cannabis
  • Custom Software: Mobile, Tablet, and Web Application
  • iOS, Android, iPadOS, and Web
  • React Native, .NET 6.0, Azure, Compliance API Integrations, Identity Verification Integrations
Synopsis of Artis IQ Solutions

Artis IQ is an innovative and intuitive point of sale system which houses marketing and customer relationship features to create a safe space for merchants to operate in our mobile dependent society. Their goal is to shape the future of commerce by reducing the need for cashboxes and paper receipts while simultaneously connecting your business to the digital world we live in today.

Artis IQ can be broken down into three sub-solutions. A customer facing mobile application in which they can accrue loyalty points and pay via their phone for their cannabis related products. Due to compliance and current cannabis laws, customers cannot pay for cannabis related products with their debit or credit cards. A merchant admin application built on iPadOS, allowing merchants and dispensaries to tender transactions, track inventory, manage customers and loyalty points, all while ensuring they stay compliant with local regulations. And a web application for online orders and a separate web app for reports.

App and Client Requirements

While our client is based out of Amarillo, Texas, most of their work takes place in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. One of our main tenants of business is clear, honest, and timely communication. Our team invited members of the client team to our internal messaging platform to allow for instant communication and ease of discussion.

Since Cannabis is a newly legalized substance in select states; members of our team had to become educated on compliance laws and APIs to ensure no laws were broken while building and operating the Artis App. With the complex compliance integrations, demanding technology and feature requirements Artis IQ needed a trustworthy software development company to execute the multitude of solutions.

Everything within the Artis IQ app suite needed to be custom built to guarantee compliance customer specification. As mentioned previously, customers cannot purchase cannabis with a debit or credit card. Artis needed to offer a unique solution. Users load funds onto the Artis mobile app to pay with their device at merchant locations. Users can then accrue loyalty points from their purchases. Points can be redeemed for discounts. Certain locations, who use the Artis system can also debut promotions exclusive to the Artis app.

The Founder and CMO of Artis had previously worked with our team on two separate ventures. Gem Wallet and Y Marketing. With an existing rapport for quality and efficient development, our firm was a no brainer.

App Development Solutions

We sat down with the client team and discussed technical requirements such as security protocols, account fields, compliance integrations as well as desired features. It was clear this application was going to be complex, nuanced, and a precise development strategy and architecture would be required for the app to remain fast, secure, and compliance.

The first step after recognizing the features and requirements was picking the right technology to support the applications. The development team settled on React Native for the front end with a backend built with .NET Core 3.1 (recently upgraded to .NET 6.0). Due to the nature of the application and business, several APIs were required for both the mobile application and the tablet admin app.

The biggest struggle would be to create a fully and completely contactless point of sale system from scratch. (A majority of POS systems market themselves as hands-free but in reality, user input is still required to some extent.) The importance of hands-free tech determined the features and direction of the project. The success of Artis IQ and their subsequent applications rested on this being properly implemented. To guarantee the success of this revolutionary idea our developers worked to integrate a custom solution using innovative technology to connect the merchant tablet with the user’s mobile application and seamlessly conduct transactions and reports in real-time with multiple state compliance systems. Our development team created the loyalty rewards program, digital payment feature, and inventory tracking system from scratch. The whole suite of Artis IQ was developed in-house by our team. There were very few integrations.

Our team integrated with:

  • BioTrack
  • Metrc
  • Sovos
  • Jumio
  • OFAC
The Result

Artis IQ is an innovative and revolutionary complete commerce POS system. Built from scratch to house real time transactions, marketing, location, product, and employee management. Artis makes business simple. The technology within Artis IQ will shape the future for commerce by reducing the need for cashboxes, and paper receipts while simultaneously connecting your business to the digital world we live in today. Merchants often jump through legal, government, and tax hoops to conduct their business, not to mention different platforms for tracking inventory. Artis brings contactless and simple transactions into the hands of legal cannabis vendors, providing analytics, showcasing customer’s favorite products, housing automated promotions, purchasing trends, and autonomously tracking inventory.

Artis solves the ever-present issue of manually tracking inventory, lack of security in the market world as well as dispelling the archaic methods of transactions and finances. With the addition of the mobile application to accompany the POS application, merchants can connect to their valued customers. Allowing them to customize incentives, advertisements listings, control reviews posted on their merchant profile, and allow new customers to find their store easier than ever, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Key Features of Artis Customer Facing App
  1. Identification Verification
  2. Contactless Mobile App Payment
  3. Location Specific Loyalty Rewards Programs
  4. Admin Analytics Portal and Inventory Tracking System
  5. Cannabis Compliance

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