Mobile App: Key to your Digital Transformation

We’ve all heard the term, digital transformation thrown around by companies on LinkedIn. But what do they mean when they say, “Digital Transformation”?

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Becky Chase
Article date
April 6, 2022

Why managing AI risk presents new challenges

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The difficult of using AI to improve risk management

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How to bring AI into managing risk

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Pros and cons of using AI to manage risks

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Benefits and opportunities for risk managers applying AI

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is when a company implements new technologies in order to improve efficiency or value, or insight innovation within the business.

Typically, there are 4 topics of a digital transformation roadmap.

  • Data
  • Technology
  • Process
  • Organizational Improvements

We’ll be focusing on the technology area in this blog. In terms of a digital transformation, technology can refer to a number of applications. Anything from a mobile app, IoT, AI, marketing automation, a web application, etc., assist in the digital transformation of a business. New technologies can rebuild trust amongst your team as well as customers. Giving them another opportunity to interact with your business in a positive manner. The overall goal of a digital transformation should be to improve your infrastructure, internal communication, and overall quality of your product or service by using technology. While we’re solely focusing on technology here, all the topics listed above work together to truly transform your business and elevate it above your competitors.

Digital Transformation Examples

In practice, a digital transformation will improve marketing and sales results while requiring less financial investment day-to-day. An example of this would be a business making the switch from traditional print marketing materials to social or email marketing, can not only save money but also time.

How a Mobile App Fits into the Digital Transformation Roadmap

To truly understand how a mobile application fits into your digital transformation strategy, we need to understand the fundamental benefits of an app. There are a variety of different mobile apps, all with different goals and benefits out there to add to your business strategy. There are consumer facing apps, internal apps, social apps, loyalty apps, point of sales apps, games, customer service apps, personal aid apps, product supporting apps… the list goes on. Each of these different types of apps have different benefits your company would see.

When a mobile app is combined with existing marketing campaigns, social outreach, and customer service practices, the results are personalized communication. A mobile app gives you the ability to connect with customers 24/7 and gives them access to your business and products.

A great digital transformation example of implementing a mobile application into an existing business through a digital transformation digital business transformation is McDonalds. Known for their delicious fries and fast food, they set out to improve customer experience and journey within and outside their locations. Thus, a mobile application. Allowing customers to browse the menu, order on the app, and pay on the app, increased customer loyalty and reduced wait times. [The Power Business School]

The Benefit of Mobile Application Development

The consensus regarding overall advantages and effects seen after any type of mobile app is implemented are:

  • Stronger Brand
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Competitive Edge
  • Higher Customer Engagement Levels
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Positive Customer Feedback

There are over 3.8 billion smartphone users globally. Now we’re not saying you’ll 100% reach them all, but a vast majority of your current customers, have a phone in their back pocket. There are a million different ways your business could utilize mobile application development services to the benefit of your company.

Integrate a Custom Mobile Application into your Digital Strategy

Technology has evolved and changed much of the world we operate in. It is essential that businesses be mindful of how technology can impact their customer base. Whether your business is solely based on a custom mobile application or if yourcross-platform mobile applicationwill support your existing business, it is vital to have a dedicated and talented team behind your mobile application development and management. Lucky for your, Nexrage Studios specializes in custom mobile application development services. Contact us today to get your project started!

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