Custom Software Development

Custom software is a valuable asset for businesses as it can be tailored to meet their specific needs and goals, improving efficiency and productivity.

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The Nexrage Advantage

Take advantage of our combination of expertise and understanding regarding design and development. With over a decade of experience, our custom software solutions range from cloud functions to unique development platforms.

Dallas Custom Software

Recieve expert advice and support throughout the developement process. no matter what you need, we can curate cloud and mobile solutions to business results. Custom software genereates better results than off-the-shelf software. Why? Because it caters to the business, platform and target audience. With custom software developement services, you get exceptional user experience engineered for you.

Cloud ERP Solutions

Our ERP developers produce software to advance your business. With Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP), your business will recieve solutions for advanced-level results. ERP involves integrating the main business processes in real-time through technology and software. Synchronize your operations and contact us today to find out how our solutions can meet your needs.

AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been on the rise in all things software. From website features to mobile apps, companies from a variety of industries are implementing these innovative features into their software. Check out our blog on the Top Web Design Trends and learn more about AR and VR features from our companies like Wayfair and ASOS.

SaaS Development

Software as a Service (SaaS) allows for software licensing and web-based software solutions. With SaaS, you get optimized business processes and streamlined services. This software delivery service functions so that you can rent the software instead of buying it. SaaS is often available in subscription format. While unconventional, it does allow for cloud integration and scalablity based on usage. Our custom software development services create a wide variety of functionality across SaaS. We provide options for businesses that don't want the baggage of a long-term commitment or in-house operations.


Transforming ideas into real world applications

Custom Solutions mean discovering new oppportuniites with features that you cant find elsewhere. Your business is unique, and you need software solutions to match. Custom software grows more sophisticated and responsive as your issues and needs change. Tap into the numerous benefits of custom software development today.


Cannabis Point-of-Sale

The first truly contact-less cannabis point-of-sale system with inventory management, identity verification, digital payments, promos & rewards and compliance integrations with BioTrack and Metrc.
Project Type
Artis IQ
Cannabis Point-of-Sale
React Native, .NET Core 6.0, Azure, API Integrations

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