AR VR Development

AR and VR help businesses provide a unique and immersive platform for marketing, training, and product demonstrations, as well as improving efficiency and productivity through virtual collaboration and visualization tools.

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AR/VR Software Development

So you want to implement AR or VR technology into your website, mobile app, or other software product? Nexrage Studios has been on the cutting edge of technology for the past decade.

Augmented Reality App

By implementing Augmented Reality into your software, we can use technology such as microphones, cameras, and speakers to alter reality. Both Google and Apple offer SDK kits for their respective mobile apps. One of the biggest AR apps out there is TikTok. With their lenses and filters that alter a user's face. There are many possible implications of AR in everyday app use.

Virtual Reality Development

VR development is typically isolated to the media and entertainment realm. Most prominently the gaming industry, with Beat Saber, VR Chat rooms, and more. However, VR is being applied to a variety of industries. VR can be used for training, automotive, and product testing. Have a game idea or want to elevate your business development with VR technology? Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.

Benefits of AR/VR

With the birth of the Metaverse and its potential, the addition of AR or VR features in your business and products could catapult your business far into the future, past competitors. Be the future of your industry with augmented and virtual reality.

Examples of AR/VR in technology

Companies like Ikea, Wayfair, ASOS, Gucci, Sephora, Adidas, and more retail establishments have been implementing augmented reality into their mobile applications and websites. These experiences increase brand loyalty and user experiences.


Augmented and Virtual Reality Impact

Industry experts have specualted that AR and VR technology can train individuals up to four times faster than traditional methods, and have massive implications for medical and biological education. Not to mention the impact AR and VR will have on marketing and service-related industries. Get ahead of the curve, contact us today to see how you can implement new technology into your business.

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