What is React.JS and How Does it Work?

React.JS (React) is a front-end JavaScript library that was designed by Facebook to facilitate the creation of interactive user interfaces which are also easy to use.

Using React, Nexrage Studios will create a user interface that looks good and runs smoothly with your application. In the most basic terms, React works by turning intricate user interfaces into simpler components that can be easily combined with one another. React uses virtual DOM to determine what your application should render, then it determines the most optimal way to do it. This makes it possible to have a single render function for each component of the application’s user interface.

It is important to note that React is only a way to articulate and create the components associated with rendering an application. This is only a library of resources, rather than an actual framework for building applications. React doesn’t allow the developer to alter the overall state of an application or perform many other important tasks. But regardless, React is incredibly useful for developing dynamic UIs.

What Is The DOM?

In order to understand the value of a UI created using React, it helps to know what Virtual DOM is. But before learning about virtual DOM, you may also want to know the definition of DOM in general. The original DOM stands for Document Object Model — It is a way of representing structured documents using objects in a code. DOM is considered cross-platform and language independent, as it is capable of interacting with code that is written a a variety of languages, including HTML and XML.

The key issue with DOM (and the reason virtual DOM is necessary) is that DOM was not initially designed for developing dynamic user interfaces. Although there are some workarounds like JavaScript and jQuery, it was nearly impossible to create large-scale dynamic UIs that ran totally smoothly.

Introducing The Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM was the solution that came to fruition after developers around the world recognized the the stiffness of DOM was becoming problematic. By employing the concept of virtual DOM, developers build an abstract version of the DOM rather than altering the actual DOM directly. Once changes have been made to the DOM, users can re-render it and the application will take on those changes. This is much faster than creating UIs using old school DOM technology. React leverages virtual DOM to boost performance in applications and make the development process easier to navigate.

Build an App to Remember With Nexrage Studios!

In 2012, Nexrage Studios began partnering with organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region to build websites, mobile applications and perform other software-related services. At the time, React was still the go-to library for developing dynamic user interfaces. Because Virtual DOM technology has continued to advance, there are several options available to companies that want to build an application with a responsive, easy to use and easy to manage UI. We pride ourselves in our customer service process and will take every step possible to ensure that your application is built using the best tools that fit your project. If you feel that you might want an application built using React.js, fill out a contact form below to learn if it is the best development choice.

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