Dallas iPhone Application Development

With Dallas iPhone App Development, you can place your idea into the hands of any iPhone user, wherever they go. Team up with Nexrage Studios now to build an iOS app that will ensure that your brand is consistently visible to your important customers.

Mobile applications have become a standard asset for any growing, modern-age business. This isn’t just a passing trend either. Most businesses have elected to have apps developed after recognizing how an app can bring value to their customers in ways that are unique to professionally crafted mobile applications. By partnering up with Nexrage Studios to produce your mobile application, you are providing your business, and its customers, with the opportunity to build a two-lane channel of communication that makes sharing news, making purchases, and performing other customer-business interactions a much simpler process. There are millions of iPhone users across the world, and our talented team of professionals will make sure that any iPhone user with an interest in your brand will have an easier time getting connected with your company through the Apple App Store.

Why Choose iOS?

Any person who has an idea that they wish to translate into a mobile application has an important choice to make: Android or iPhone. Smaller companies who are not yet sure of how they would like their application to work may want to start off with a single mobile application for Android or iOS. Both platforms have their positives and negatives, but being aware of the key features of an iPhone application will help you decide on whether iPhone or Android (or both) application development is right for your company.

Economic studies have discovered that Apple product users are more likely to make in-app purchases, and more likely to make general purchases using their mobile phones than Android or other mobile platform users. Our expert developers can ensure that your iOS application is built to attract and maintain attention from the right users, keeping them logged in and happily spending money with your company.

iOS applications are designed to have a smooth and responsive user interface, offering a consistently satisfying user experience. iPhones also have a great reputation for providing users with easily navigated applications that allow seamless communication. Using the premiere iOS design features, like larger images and transparent elements, you can offer your customers an appealing application that will keep them coming back to engage with your brand.


Traditionally, iPhone apps were developed using Objective-C, an in-depth language that’s known for being difficult to learn. Though Apple introduced the more straightforward Swift language, it’s still a relatively new language. Differences between versions of Swift also make it cumbersome to learn, particularly for the new developer.


iOS development requires the Xcode integrated development environment (IDE). While developers are free to create applications for all Apple products on Xcode, the IDE only runs on Mac laptops and computers.


Set an Android and iPhone side by side with the same app and you’ll notice differences in design and interface. Lists and menus are configured differently. Large images and transparent elements are the norms. New iOS apps need to stick to the iOS Human Interface Guidelines to avoid being rejected by the App Store.


Native iOS applications don’t waste hardware resources, meaning your application will run fast and efficiently on properly functioning iPhones.


The App Store can also be used to handle transactions on your behalf, saving you the hassle of creating secure channels to process payments.


After your application is accepted onto the App Store, you gain the security support of the Apple team, adding an extra line of defense to the integrity of your application.

Team Up With Nexrage Studios

In 2012, Nexrage Studios began partnering with organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region to develop useful iOS applications that accomplish desirable results. Having an application idea that could greatly enhance the success of your business is only one step away from developing that idea in reality. Nexrage Studios believes that companies of all sizes can claim an App Store audience, and that is why we work hand in hand with to ensure that from the product design phase to the final launch phase, all feedback is acknowledged, the best ideas are implemented and the finished product exceeds the client’s expectations. Submit an inquiry now to get started on the first steps of developing your new iPhone application.

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