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The iPhone is easily the most recognizable mobile device today with millions of apps available through the App Store. Of course, not all mobile application development is created equal. iPhone app development is very different from market rival Android, but how so?

Programming Language

Traditionally, iPhone apps were developed using Objective-C, an in-depth language that’s known for being difficult to learn. Though Apple introduced the more straightforward Swift language, it’s still a relatively new language. Differences between versions of Swift also make it cumbersome to learn, particularly for the new developer.

Development Tools

iOS development requires the Xcode integrated development environment (IDE). While developers are free to create applications for all Apple products on Xcode, the IDE only runs on Mac laptops and computers.


Set an Android and iPhone side by side with the same app and you’ll notice differences in design and interface. Lists and menus are configured differently. Large images and transparent elements are the norms. New iOS apps need to stick to the iOS Human Interface Guidelines to avoid being rejected by the App Store.

Enter in the Nexrage team

Since 2012, our team has been developing iOS apps for customers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond. Our portfolio ranges from game apps to customized solutions for artists, individuals and enterprises. There are many reasons for choosing to develop an iPhone app, whether it be target audience or revenue goals. There’s great potential for companies of all sizes to introduce their idea to the App Store audience. Nevertheless, the idea is only part of the battle. From the product design phase down to the first day of availability, we ensure all the needs of our customers are met. Proper execution is key, and the Nexrage team ready to see your project through to a finalized product that exceeds your expectations. Looking for Android Application Development services? Head over to our Android Application Development services page for more details!

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