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Our company can help formulate a seamless user experience. Take advantage of our combination of expertise and understanding of design and development. Our custom software solutions range from cloud functions to unique development platforms. With our solutions, you can take your business to the next level.

Nexrage Studios has developed custom software for a wide range of different companies.

Custom Solutions

Our experts create bespoke solutions for every digital transformation. We advise and support throughout the development process. No matter what you need, we can curate cloud and mobile solutions to further production and business results. Custom software development re-thinks program design and improves it to suit user needs and business operations. It generates better results than off-the-shelf software. Why? Because it caters to the business, platform, and target audience. With custom software development services, you get exceptional user experience engineered for you.

Expand Operations

Custom solutions mean finding new horizons with features that you can't find elsewhere. These bespoke innovations can take various forms. A custom product might be an app that enables quicker operations expansion. It might also be a program that integrates all your protocols, HR information, and customer interface. No matter the solution, it will be a seamless system built for your company. Expanding operations looks different for various businesses and industries. It can include improving everything from inventory to customer relations. Whatever you need, we transform your ideas into custom software design developed for your operational needs.

ERP Solutions

Our ERP developers produce software to advance your business. With Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), your business will receive solutions with advanced-level results. ERP involves integrating the main business processes in real-time through technology and software. A shared database supports operational functions across various units. You can transform your accounting, sales, or other business aspects to work for you. Best of all, no matter what unit your staff members are in, they can access the same information in real-time. ERP solutions synchronize operations, which is essential in automation and reporting. Employees can input information without navigating multiple databases or manually generating documents. Managers can pull data and submit reports from different locations. And company owners can have a grand view of all the cogs and bolts with information updated in real-time. Sales departments and retailers find ERP solutions especially useful for automatically updating financial systems to manage orders or close books. But it works just as well across industries. Contact us today to find out how our solutions can meet your needs.

Third Party Logistics

Outsourcing software solutions means no more tricky coding and unwieldy platforms for you and your employees to learn. You can focus your attention once more on product innovation and organization management. Let us handle the logistics of custom software design. Our third-party logistics helps you transform inventory management and other business functions. We will contract and install third-party providers that need integrating into the design process. You don't have to worry if your program works with existing vendors, payroll processes, or any other third party. With our custom software solutions, we make sure it works.

Transforming ideas into real-world applications


Software as a service (SaaS) allows for software licensing and web-based software solutions. With SaaS, you get optimized business processes and streamlined services. This software delivery service functions so that you can rent the software instead of buying it. SaaS is often available in subscription format. While unconventional, it does allow for cloud integration and scalability based on usage. Our custom software development services enable functionality across SaaS. We provide options for businesses who don't want the baggage of a long-term commitment or in-house operations.

Quality Assurance Testing

Once we've completed the custom software design, we move your project into the quality assurance testing stage. At this point, we will test the value and effectiveness of your bespoke software. Our evaluation will identify points for improvement and confirm the effectiveness of new software. From link testing to image presentation, we make sure the custom software doesn't just work but exceeds your expectations. We conduct testing before going live with the product. That way, you can be sure there are no bugs before customer interaction. We also give you the tools to test the quality routinely. Testing is essential for identifying bugs, pitfalls, and other concerns. Data points, metrics, and test results can determine performance and value. You can assess the software's responsiveness to business needs and direct us to make changes and improvements.

Streamlined Solutions

Custom software solutions are ineffective if they present glaring inconsistencies across multiple platforms. We ensure consistency and coherence in multiple settings. From smartwatches to tablets and in-house computer terminals, we streamline your software across all devices. We develop programs for a range of industries and can adapt software solutions to your niche and setting. We provide seamless user experience, and this can improve your client interface, too. A seamless experience enhances connection points with your customers or target audience. Our experts help facilitate this process.

Connect In The Cloud

Cloud design and hosting is an innovative business solution to increase efficiency and performance. It functions as a virtual office space that enables the flexibility to work from anywhere. With a plethora of web-enabled devices, the Cloud makes it easy to access data. Business continuity is easier to achieve and maintain. With our cloud-based custom software development services, you'll never lose time or productivity. You can access information anywhere.

Your business is unique, and you need software solutions to match.


As your business grows, the needs and demands will inevitably change. An investment in off-the-shelf software might be useful in the short run, but it might not scale to match growth. When the software cannot scale up to match growth, you might need a new system and staff training on new software. Custom software design can center scalability from the start. Your bespoke program will grow as needed for long-term operations. Give yourself a head start by eliminating the limits of off-the-shelf solutions from the outset. Unlock the possibilities with custom software solutions.


When you invest in custom solutions, you eliminate the need for constant development. After the initial cost, you won't need another significant investment for a long time. Pre-packaged software often requires constant updates, often at inconvenient times. Additionally, a pre-packaged solution can incur additional charges with licensing and other needs. You may need a costly upgrade to integrate or scale up your software. Not so with custom software. The cost-efficiency of one design rather than multiple is worth exploring.

Project Management On Demand

With custom software, your project manager can assist with project updates and real-time development. With off-the-shelf solutions, you are at the whim of a design made by someone who doesn't know your company. If the software developer decides to phase out the software, you will be at square one. You may even lose your support and maintenance team. In the worst-case scenario, off-the-shelf solutions can damage your business. A reliable technical team is a must for project management – and a given with custom design experts. You can tap into the most efficient solutions and request adaptations from an efficient technical support team. The design team can also integrate security, ensuring safeguarded project management.

Explore Your Options

Digital transformation brings virtually endless options to you. Custom software enhances business efficiency and growth. It grows more sophisticated and responsive as your issues and needs change. Tap into the numerous benefits of custom software development today. Contact us to learn more and explore your options.

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