4 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Custom Built From Scratch

Even though there are varying options for building a functional website, custom built from scratch websites are the most adaptable option. Nexrage Studios has developed sites for a wide range of different companies, so they will know how to build a site that precisely fulfills your company’s needs. These are some common reasons why many people choose a custom site, rather than relying on a website creation tool (CMS) like WordPress.

Premade Themes Can Be Slower Than You Think

Websites that rely on themes to form the layout of your website may suffer from slow load times and other signs of poor performance. Of course, it is possible to optimize cookie-cutter website themes for better performance, but sometimes you may need to compromise speed for aesthetic value and functionality when choosing premade themes. The low speeds are due to many themes being bloated and poorly designed from the onset. This highlights a core value of custom built from scratch websites; They don’t need to be designed to work with a set grid/set of parameters in a specific piece designated to the CMS in question. Instead, Nexrage Studios can design your site with a layout that does exactly what you want and looks exactly how you want.

Custom Websites Are Very Flexible

Using a CMS, like WordPress, to build your website comes with a lot of tradeoffs. In simple projects a CMS is great because right out of the box, it can do things like host a blogging system, switch between basic themes, facilitate commenting by users, and be operated by multiple contributors and admins. But the simplicity is in exchange for a restrictive URI and reliance on low plugins. When you need to scale your website by adding new features, a CMS led site may demand that you find a plugin that can provide those features. If one is not available, you will either need to create the plugin, modify an existing plugin, or hire someone to create/modify one for you. With custom built from scratch websites, the process of implementing new features is straightforward and manageable for experienced software developers.

Custom Websites Are More Secure

When it comes to cybersecurity threats, custom websites are more often than not the best option. Industry thought leaders believe that websites that are built on CMS platforms, like WordPress, are more likely to be targeted by hackers and cyber criminals. This potentially puts them at greater risk of incurring malicious hacks and security breaches. The scale of those platforms makes it easier for hackers to identify backdoors in the code, allowing them to gain illicit access to your site. In fact, hosting services, themes, plugins, and poorly selected passwords are all avenues that hackers can use to breach your website. On the other hand, customer built from scratch websites don’t have these drawbacks. As long as a trustworthy and skilled team of software developers build your site with security in mind, your mind should be at ease.

Custom Websites Can Be Optimized for High-Performance

Our software team knows the many ins and outs of optimizing website performance. This might fall in the range of simple tricks like optimizing images and compressing web pages to boost page load speeds. It could also involve more complex tasks, like making changes to hosting or web servers to improve performance. While in some instances it is possible to do some level of performance optimization on a website built using software like WordPress, custom sites have the least limitations when it comes to optimization.

Build the Website You’ve Been Waiting For With the Help of Nexrage Studios

In 2012, Nexrage Studios began partnering with organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region to build websites, mobile applications and perform other software-related services. Our expertise extends into most disciplines of software development, and custom built from scratch websites are often our most distinguished products. There is no one size fits all solution to custom site development. Trusting us to channel your vision into a customized website is the first step towards bolstering your online presence. Contact us now to get started.

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