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Xamarin Cross Platform Development

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By Fraz Jamil

January 21st, 2017

Xamarin application development is a streamlined way for mobile developers, whether iOS, Android, or Windows, to develop native apps in C#. Apps built with Xamarin have a massive range of compatibility and allow for the developer to reuse most of their core code and simply rebuild surface level user interfaces. Programmers with knowledge in the C# programming language will be able to easily transform the architecture of their apps across platforms with native performance and any operating system. The Xamarin software company has many products to help you build the perfect app for your specific needs such as Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Forms.

Xamarin Studio is an application for Macs that allows the user to program in C# and immediately be able to create multiplatform apps. There are many benefits to using Xamarin for building your apps such as anyone from a single developer to a large team of developers can utilize Xamarin Studio to build functional apps.

With Xamarin.iOS, you can instantly have access to any iOS API with the same ease and familiarity that you may be used to in other architectures. With Xamarin.iOS, you can call any Objective-C code using their automatic binding generator that allows you to use your C# knowledge to easily build specialized apps that fit in the iOS architecture.

Similarily, Xamarin.Android allows for developers to build near native performing apps while using the same core development langauge, C#. Xamarin.Android allows for your app to be ready to ship natively to Google Play while also being able to using any of Google’s Android API’s so that your app development process can be as easy as possible.

Overall, Xamarin Studio with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android are very useful tools for building apps with extremely refined designs with large involvment in unique interactions. This leads into the next Xamarin product to discuss: Xamarin Forms, also known as Xamarin.Forms. Xamarin Forms is a Xamarin platform that is a great way to build apps that have a main focus on code sharing and data entry. Xamarin Forms has a large focus on building great UI’s for apps that all utilize the same C# language. With Xamarin Forms, a developer can easily tap into the material design resources of android to build beautiful Android apps. Additionally, Xamarin Forms can take full advantage of the most recent iOS stylings so that your app will never look dated.

Many large companies have used Xamarin Development to transfer their existing products into the daunting, but undoubtedly exciting, mobile world. Xamarin has been used to develop apps in multiple spaces including media, transportation, finance, government, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, gaming, technology, and hospitality. Without a doubt, with the knowledge of C# programming, Xamarin will enable you to deliver your app to over 2.6 billion devices worldwide due to its near native, but accessible, capabilities. Overall, app developers should use Xamarin if they want a platform to develop native user experience that propels their app to success.

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