What is an ERP Solution and How Can it Help your Business?

Never worry or struggle with business resources or functions again. Enterprises and small businesses alike can benefit from consolidating business manufacturing, financials, services, and various departments. ERP solutions can encompass anything from your run of the mill finances and reporting, to automating various business processes and communication.

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Becky Chase
Article date
February 4, 2022

Why managing AI risk presents new challenges

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The difficult of using AI to improve risk management

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How to bring AI into managing risk

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Pros and cons of using AI to manage risks

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Benefits and opportunities for risk managers applying AI

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What is an ERP Systems?

Enterprise Resource Planning assists businesses large or small in streamlining their business analytics and operations. From accounting to databases to security and risk management, ERP can do it all.

With a fully custom software system our team of developers can dive in and ensure all desired functions and oversight are accounted for in your ERP software solution.

First coined by the Gartner Group, a business intelligence statistics and data company, ERP has taken hold of the business world and helped businesses of all sizes take control of their operations. These solutions have expanded in recent years to include sales automation, marketing and ecommerce tasks, IOT integrations, social media monitoring, security management, and much more.

Why your Business Needs an ERP Solution?

The purpose of using a software solution to mediate your business operations is to increase the efficiency and efficacy of your company and it’s resources. Enable sales and marketing departments to share resources and reports to increase their symbiotic relationship. Instead of the sales or marketing department hounding each other for information, centralize it and grant access to your department heads. Proper communication alone can improve and increase sales volume and marketing KPIs. Consolidate information and resources into a single platform with varying levels of permissions throughout your organization to increase efficiency.

There are slight differences between ‘big business’ ERP and ‘small business’ ERP systems. If we are building a custom resource planning system for your business, we will take your current areas of specialty or concern and ensure those aspects are integrated into your business application. Our team will leave room and ensure easy scalability and security when the time comes.

Our team recommends a cloud-based approach. With all of your information on the cloud we can ensure security of your data and information. Not only does a cloud solution increase your security, storing your information on the cloud allows easy access from verified remote locations, as well as lightens the load of relocating and protects your data from potential hard drive or device failures.

ERP Examples

There are several examples of helpful resources developed by large corporations who cater to a large audience. The four biggest examples of ERP solutions in the US are:

  • NetSuite
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Dynamics 365
  • Almost all the software solutions listed above have the same functionality with a few exceptions. Only Oracle operates with cannabis, education, and nonprofits in mind, as well as has options for true enterprise businesses. SAP doesn’t work with government power/energy, media, or rental sectors/industries. With all of that said, Nexrage Studios will work with your team to develop the right set of resources and analysis tools to efficiently operate and monitor your business.

    Enterprise Resource Planning Conclusion

    ERP software solutions help businesses automate day-to-day tasks and improve communication and transparency between departments.

    These solutions have come a long way, now you can have control in the palm of your hand with ERP companion mobile apps. Track anything from human resources to customer sentiment and take control of your business.

    Nexrage Studios Custom Software will work diligently to develop and supply your business with the tool necessary to succeed. 2022 is a tumultuous year, as have been the past two. Equip you and your departments with the resources and insight necessary to excel beyond your competitions and mark 2022 as a successful year.

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