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Why You Should Consider Never Using Another Javascript Framework Again

A hot debate between web development companies in Dallas is whether building atop a Javascript framework is actually a good idea compared to using vanilla Javascript code. Frameworks such as Angular, React, Dojo and Backbone are packed with extensive libraries of code which you can easily manipulate — but don’t have to write yourself. This is good and bad news for a web development company. Dallas and similarly large cities may have a large pool of web development professionals, but chances are they individually have no idea how to use every framework. This is only one of several factors that highlight why using Javascript Frameworks may not be worthwhile in the long run.

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By Fraz Jamil

March 11th, 2017

Frameworks Inhibit Developer Growth

The simplicity of frameworks diminishes the return a new JavaScript developer makes when sinking time into an application. While experienced JavaScript developers may notice their vanilla Javascript knowledge getting a bit rusty due to underuse, programmers with less knowledge of Java will miss opportunities to pick up on the language. This is thanks to the shortcut functions that are built into frameworks. Learning a Javascript framework requires basic knowledge of plain Java, so skipping opportunities will only increase the chance of a plateau in skill. Frameworks serve well to speed up the production timeline on large projects, but they naturally inhibit later success for young development teams.

Code Overload

Javascript frameworks are packed with code that has been written and compiled by other developers across the planet. The libraries are inflated with useless code, regardless of which framework you use. Having so many options does offer flexibility in the development process, but it also hinders productivity. A common cycle goes… Find a framework that works best for your project, sort through the library to find applicable code, test the ones you like, and hope that the person who created that line of code knew what he was doing. For teams that are more picky about functionality, this may become a recurring point of concern. Keep in mind that the option to be lazy is great at times, but if you want something done the “right” way, you often have to just do it yourself.

Finding The Right Developers

With so many similar frameworks available, it is highly unlikely, near impossible, to believe that there are very many web developers who are fluent in more than just a handful of Javascript Frameworks. This means sourcing and recruiting qualified developers who have an understanding of the framework your projects are built upon may be a pain. The alternative, using plain Java, means that you will have a broad selection of candidates. Especially because, before you start using any framework you need a usable understanding of Javascript even to use frameworks.

Web Development Companies In Dallas Still Use Java Frameworks

Readability is where using a framework really shines. Although, plain Java doesn’t really provide a structure that is much less readable than your average framework, like React or Prototype. For larger projects, it makes sense to go with a framework. Frameworks usually offer cross browser support which when combined with the often cloud-based libraries results in smoother progression of large-scale projects where there are several moving parts. When plain Java isn’t the best option, it is import to weigh the pros and cons of each framework, the features it offers, and what they can do for your project.

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