How Nexrage Utilizes Angular Framework in Custom Software Development

To optimize performance on your application, we stay up-to-date on the changes and updates being released for Angular. As such, we can help you determine whether Angular Development, or another framework, is the best fit for your web app.

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Fraz Jamil
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January 11, 2018

Why managing AI risk presents new challenges

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The difficult of using AI to improve risk management

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How to bring AI into managing risk

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Pros and cons of using AI to manage risks

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Benefits and opportunities for risk managers applying AI

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What Is Angular?

Angular 2 and AngularJS are both web development frameworks that are managed by Google. AngularJS was made publicly available in 2009, and in 2016, Angular 2 was released as an improvement. To limit confusion, the two platforms are both called Angular. While they both fall under the same umbrella today, there are still several key features that set these two frameworks apart. Learning more about both will help you decide which version of Angular is most suitable for your app.

The Facts About AngularJS

The Angular Team at Google created AngularJS as a means of overcoming challenges that developers previously faced when building single-page applications. Today, AngularJS is an open-source Javascript framework that is primarily useful for developing dynamic web apps. As an improvement on basic HTML programming, AngularJS provides a more flexible and reliable experience for developers that aim to build scalable single-page applications. Angular also makes it easier to test the application, cutting down the amount of time required to complete your project.

The Facts About Angular 2+

Eventually, AngularJS become one of the world’s most popular JavaScript frameworks, but it still had gaps in performance that needed to be addressed. As a result, Google developed Angular 2; the successor of AngularJS. Rather than JavaScript, Angular 2 uses TypeScript—a Microsoft-powered JavaScript superset that adds a suite of awesome new features.

Though this syntax is different, TypeScript still compiles back to vanilla JavaScript, meaning you won’t have to worry about compatibility with JavaScript libraries. Modern versions of Angular also offer developers access to UI components that are easy to test and reuse, accelerating the development process.

So Which Angular Framework Is Best For Your Project?

When Do We Suggest Using AngularJS For Your App?

AngularJS is, by no means, an outdated framework. Still, being released nearly 10 years ago means that some of its functions have aged quite a bit. Quality of life and performance updates have been made to the framework over time, and the platform is still receiving support from Google. In that sense, it is still possible to make stable apps using AngularJS, but that doesn’t always make it the best option.

When Do We Suggest Using Angular 2+ For Your Web App?

These days, Angular 2 is the prime candidate for people who wish to leverage JavaScript features in their application, but also wish to create an application that is suited for the future of the internet. In fact, version 6 of Angular was released in March 2018 — just a few years after Angular 2. The continual support being offered by Google, combined with the boost in overall performance in comparison to AngularJS, makes Angular a solid option if you want an application that will maintain its longevity over time. To determine whether Angular 2+ or AngularJS is right for your project, get in touch with our team at Nexrage Studios. We have the development expertise needed to evaluate your company’s business needs and guide you through the decision making process.

Benefits Of Angular Development

Applications developed using Angular:

  • Have support for high-quality animations
  • Have support for Web Components
  • Are mobile-oriented/compatible with mobile architecture
  • Are ideal for single-page web applications
  • Can be developed with cross platform functions
  • Include aesthetically pleasing and functionally intuitive design features
  • Are a great fit for enterprise-scale application development
  • Will receive continual support from Google for many more years
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