Digital Rights Management: Originality is Vulnerability

Why have anxiety about the safety of your content when you could protect it once and for all? Don't panic! You have digital rights! There doesn't have to be anxiety about these rights being violated if you take the right measures of managing them. There many ways to protect the precious content you hold dear. There is even opportunity to elevate your credibility as a creator; providing a security for your clients that they will appreciate.

Article by
Becky Chase
Article date
June 18, 2020

Why managing AI risk presents new challenges

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The difficult of using AI to improve risk management

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How to bring AI into managing risk

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Pros and cons of using AI to manage risks

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Benefits and opportunities for risk managers applying AI

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First off: What is Digital Rights Management?

Digital Rights Management (DRM), explained simply, is a sure-fire way to protect copyrights for digital media from those out to steal credit, misuse or sell your content as if it is their own.

DRM allows creators, businesses and organizations to protect their content, products, software, anything that is digitally sold or licensed. It can be a genuine lifesaver when it comes to avoiding legal issues involving the use of unauthorized content.

How Digital Rights Management Works

The possibilities of protection can seem a bit daunting for the fact that there are so many ways to provide it. Which is the correct one for each specific industry? Well, to eliminate this overwhelming feeling, you have to step back and decide what is valuable. Refrain from just defining value through your own perspective; you must think empathetically and realize what value others may see. This will help you decide which route of protection to take to manage your rights.

For instance: DRM allows publishers, authors, and speakers to control what paying users have permission for when using their content. It is deeper than just permission for the party who is protecting, it is control over the whole process. Power of control can be extremely helpful to these types of content creators because their content can be forwarded through email, shared on social media, screen-recorded, and simply downloaded illegally - all without actually purchasing the license to own the content.

In this instance, DRM can ease their minds by putting a limit on the number of certain uses and eliminating mass-distribution through coded encryption. Some of these limiting permissions possible to execute are:

i. Copying

ii. Sharing

iii. Taking a screenshot and/or screen recording

iv. Printing

DRM is so powerful in some cases, companies can monitor how many times a piece of content was viewed, printed, opened and distributed. This is how suspicious activity can be found because numbers don't lie!

When things get out of hand, there are extreme measures of locking access to the content. Not only of the use of the content can be guarded lock and key, but also blocking IP Address's, locations and even devices from use is possible.

These measures shouldn't be taken lightly, and are quite expensive, but if you or others deem your content as that valuable, these measures of safety are extremely necessary.

Digital Rights Management Use Cases

Appearing on a wide spectrum of digital products, from music, subscriptions, books, and videos, there are uses of DRM software that can be very specific for unique purposes. Companies you know and love today are limiting you in ways you may not be aware of.

The Apple iTunes music store uses DRM to limit the number of devices able to play songs on. The metadata they hide deep in the file also can deauthorize you or someone else from playing music on a device that is not authorized on your account.

These files, when they are downloaded have a specific metadata that reveals purchase history and usage activity. This is how they can track your favorite songs and learn your music taste to enhance your music experience by recommending relative or similar to you. The metadata they hide deep in the file also can deauthorize you.


Everything we make, create, conjure or build - whatever you want to call it - there always has to be a ready defense for these valuable assets. There will always be someone or something out there searching and ready to swiftly steal without remorse. To be prepared and provide a plan of protection around original content is to be ahead of conflict.

Why should you be stressed about your content and its safety when there are precautionary measures right at your fingertips?

Remember, you have digital rights! There doesn't have to be any worry about someone or something violating your rights. If you take the right measures of managing them, there will be barriers set-in-stone to blockade any possible conflicts. This is to ultimately let you direct your own focus towards other duties or opportunities.

Today, tomorrow, and the next day are full of opportunity to drive value to your content by getting the right protection.

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