Benefits of Custom Software in Dallas Based Companies

For firms that employ the more unique business models in Dallas, custom software may stand as a far-reaching solution to issues they face regarding project management, organization, and general communication.

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Fraz Jamil
Article date
May 1, 2017

Why managing AI risk presents new challenges

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The difficult of using AI to improve risk management

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How to bring AI into managing risk

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Pros and cons of using AI to manage risks

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Benefits and opportunities for risk managers applying AI

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There are some custom software development companies in Dallas that would rather not mention alternative options that offer “all-in-one” off-the-shelf software solutions through a simple drag and drop style interface.

Nexrage Studios understands the time and money saving aspects of these products, namely SquareSpace, WordPress, and the like, but after a thorough review of your current workflow and business processes, you may find that custom software holds far more potential for saving you time, money, and stress.

6 Benefits of Custom Software In Dallas

Custom software builds are flexible by nature, and therefore the list of problems that can be solved with a custom application or website is quite diverse. That is, if you select a top software development company in Dallas. While many companies offer to providecustom software solutions, it is important that you review your needs and seek out a firm that fulfills them while emphasizing customer service and offering flexible pricing. To help you determine how custom software may improve the functionality of your organization, here are some of the most notable benefits of using custom software rather than off-the-shelf software products.

  • First and foremost, custom software is tailored to exactly fit the specific needs of your firm. When purchasing off-the-shelf software products, some businesses find that either they have overspent on a product that offers too many features, or the more likely issue of discovering that the software they have purchased does not offer a certain feature that their company needs. This risk is entirely averted with custom software, as in most cases the software can be modified to accommodate updates to your business model.
  • In most cases, businesses are pursuing growth, and as the organization grows in scale, their software and business processes must remain scalable as well. Though off-the-shelf software options do often offer several tiers of service, licensing large scale products may be excessively expensive while the smaller scale products may not be suitable for your business. In terms of scalability, contracting custom software developers will prevent your software from limiting your business as they gradually implement changes that accommodate steady growth.
  • One aspect of off-the-shelf software products that many people don’t consider is the consistency in design that allows cyber-criminals to discover exploits and implement them against many users of those products. When the software that your firm uses has known vulnerabilities, your sensitive data becomes a ready target for hackers hoping to breach your system and compromise the stability of your organization. The top Dallas custom software companies will limit these external threats, protecting your business using adaptive information assurance strategies.
  • In the instance that your company already holds licenses for off-the-shelf software products, there is no risk of lost productivity when integrating custom software into your operations. While off-the-shelf packages are unlikely to consistently mesh well with each other, custom software development is entirely capable of being adapted to fit perfectly into your organization’s current software ecosystem.
  • A rarely mentioned risk with off-the-shelf software packages is the software developer responsible for servicing your software going bankrupt or shutting down maintenance for that software. When this curveball is thrown at your organization, your business will be left scrambling to find another software provider or better yet, a custom software development company in Dallas to fill the sudden hole in your workflow. Dealing with such issues by surprise can be a debilitating sudden expense that could have been avoided with custom software.
  • Anyone who has ever purchased a licensed software package recognizes the additional costs that are often tied into effectively utilizing them. In many cases, off-the-shelf software requires specific hardware to run at maximum efficiency. Though the design you contract through a software development company may work better with updated hardware, this distinguishment is entirely in your control. Purchasing unnecessary additional hardware can become costly in the long run. Custom software allows you to set expectations for which hardware you will use from the start and can prove to be very profitable.
  • Should My Company Use Custom Software?

    Before making any decisions or signing any contracts, make sure you understand the pros and cons of custom software, and if the investment will be sustainable and worthwhile for your organization. If your staff does not currently have someone with the experience to audit and assess the current state of your business’s software structure, it would be a good idea to work with a dedicated consultant with enough knowledge to help you make an informed decision. After determining that your company is in need of updated software, there are still other factors that must be considered within your business.

  • Is your business model unique enough to warrant a custom software build, or are your business processes common enough to be easily replicated through off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Does your company have the time to invest into planning the design of custom software?
  • Is your firm currently able to afford the costs that come with producing custom software?
  • How long have you been using your current software components?
  • Will you be able to support your staff in learning how to perform their tasks in this new software environment in a reasonable amount of time?
  • After reviewing the current needs of your business introspectively, you may find that it is time to make an investment into custom software. If that is the case, due diligence in your search for the top custom software development company in Dallas is imperative. For your chance to improve the productivity, profitability, and overall flexibility of your business’s operations, please do not hesitate to consult with the experienced developers at Nexrage Studios.

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