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The Top Web Design Trends of 2020

As you’ve probably noticed, website design is constantly evolving. Designers have to adapt to keep their websites relevant.

By TJ Crawford

August 5th 2020

If they don’t use the latest trends, they will seem out of touch with the times. They won’t be able to make their pages look attractive nor effectively communicate with their target audience.

So, what does good web design look like in 2020?  

We’ve noticed that this year’s trends are leaning towards a modern, minimalistic approach. They are clean and beautiful yet simple enough to successfully convey a message. In some cases, they challenge our traditional expectations.  

For a closer look at the top web design trends of 2020, read on!  

Dark Mode

Also called black mode or night mode, dark mode is just how it sounds. It is a color scheme option for interfaces that features light elements on top of a dark background.  

Over the past couple of years, this color scheme has risen to popularity. People are no longer using it just for going on their phones before bed. Many choose to use dark mode full-time for their social media, email, and other apps.  

Why is dark mode so popular? In some cases, it can be better for your eyesight and your phone’s battery life. But it’s actually simpler than that—people love dark mode for its aesthetics. It’s a refreshing break from harsh, white backgrounds and creates a modern look.

Having taken note of dark mode’s popularity, website designers are starting to use it as well. Dark backgrounds make pages easy to read by allowing text and other graphics to pop. Most importantly, users appreciate when websites use this modern, familiar layout.

Lots of White Space

White space (also known as negative space) isn’t necessarily white. The term refers to the empty space between design elements. Any website (including those that use dark mode) can take advantage of white space.

This trend is popular because it lets pages breathe. It separates elements, making it easier for users to take in everything. It can also call attention to important sections.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking white space is a waste of space. It is a great way to not overwhelm visitors with tons of information. It highlights the most important information, allowing users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

You can’t go wrong with using lots of white space. This isn’t necessarily a revolutionary trend as custom website design companies have always taken advantage of it.

However, designers in 2020 are putting their own spin on this trend. They are creating solid frames out of white space. This is going against the grain of the once-popular bleeding images (images that take up the entire page and appear to “bleed” off).

Solid white-space frames are becoming popular for many reasons. For one, they put the most important content in the middle of the screen and add structure. They also result in clean, easy-to-digest pages.

Hand-Drawn Elements

Navigating a website can feel very impersonal. Users may see more or less the same design elements across the Internet. This monotony can lead them to become detached from the site’s message.

Websites can liven things up with the help of hand-drawn elements. These fun, quirky icons add much-needed personality. They help keep users’ attention and make them feel more at home.

Some websites rely on their own artsy team members to create hand-drawn elements. This is a great way to save money and add even more of a personal touch.

Others, however, enlist the help of custom website development companies. They can create professional hand-drawn elements that encompass what a brand is all about. This is crucial as custom websites should have icons that match their themes. If not, users will immediately clock the style choice as random and ill-fitting.

Manipulating Typography

Another great way to capture visitors’ attention? Defying their typography expectations.

You can do this in many ways. Try altering paragraph breaks or line spacing. Play with different letter spacings and font sizes. Layer text by letting it fall over different design elements.

The possibilities are truly endless. From highlighting important information to making your brand seem unique, manipulating your text can achieve a variety of results.

However, you need to be careful when manipulating typography. If you go overboard, your website will look messy. More importantly, users won’t be able to understand what you’re trying to say.

So, always make sure that everything is legible. Stick to manipulating large headlines instead of smaller copy. This will minimize the chance of your message being lost.

Other Typography Trends

Manipulating typography is a bold choice. If not done by a custom website design company, it can be tricky to pull off.

If you want to go a more conservative route, consider other typography trends like:

Large text. Massive text goes a long in making a statement. Seeing as users will know exactly what they’re looking at, consider using it front and center on your home page. Or, incorporate into a navigation bar to make the user experience a breeze.

Vintage fonts. Vintage fonts won’t work well for all brands. But, if you’re going for a sense of nostalgia, vintage is the way to go. There’s something comforting and trusting about these timeless fonts.

Outlined fonts. Outlined fonts are a bold choice that can make your pages stand out. You can get even more daring by incorporating animation. When users scroll, the fill of the text fades away, leaving the minimalistic outline behind.

Audio Experiences

Don’t limit your website to just visuals. Involve your users’ other senses with audio experiences.

Sound can immerse users in your brand. Narrations or tutorials, for instance, are a common way to do this. Music is also a great option as it overcomes any language barriers.

Pro tip: We recommend asking your users permission instead of bombarding them with audio. Auto-players can feel invasive.

While these are some of the most popular 2020 trends, you should tailor your web design to your unique users. Use these ideas as inspiration to create the optimal website for your audience!

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