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React Native for Your Mobile Application Development Project

React Native offers a hybrid solution that supports building apps for both top mobile platforms, iOS and Android. React Native offers an alternative to traditional native development. The relatively new framework is predictably navigated and comfortably accessed. It has received mostly favorable criticism, yet there are some minor flaws. But, to better understand the pros and cons of using React Native it helps to be familiar with the core functions of the React JavaScript library (ReactJS).

How The Internet Of Things Is Already Making Your City Smarter

If smart cities sound futuristic, it's simply because they are. As the availability of Internet of Things-ready devices rises, building managers in the U.S. are investigating ways they can be used to reduce costs and raise quality in their buildings and structures. Cities in Europe are moving towards implementing smart power grids, which will alleviate strain on public utilities, greatly so in overpopulated cities.

Objective-C vs. Swift

When it comes to programming languages, “tested and long-standing” normally lose to “new and well-supported” and this statement generally holds true in the argument of Objective-C vs IOS Swift Development, in Dallas. This is to be expected, newer technology requires evolved framework to support the need for faster, easier-to-use software. The current trend is large companies moving away from swift, adopting Swift for their latest iOS projects. With Objective-C having assumed the role of Apple’s primary development language in 1984, there is an apparent gap in functionality between it and Swift, which was first made available in 2014.

Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployement

Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are often referred to using the same abbreviation of (CD). In general, technological concepts frequently have very loose definitions that are up to interpretation by the people who are speaking about them. Defining them tends to be difficult, especially at times when both concepts are extremely similar. To enhance your software development process, you will need to understand the difference between Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery. iOS development using continuous delivery allows a more agile approach to software development that favors incremental releases.

Javascript Framework

A hot debate between web development companies in Dallas is whether building atop a Javascript framework is actually a good idea compared to using vanilla Javascript code. Frameworks such as Angular, React, Dojo and Backbone are packed with extensive libraries of code which you can easily manipulate — but don’t have to write yourself. This is good and bad news for a web development company. Dallas and similarly large cities may have a large pool of web development professionals, but chances are they individually have no idea how to use every framework. This is only one of several factors that highlight why using Javascript Frameworks may not be worthwhile in the long run

How to use Stripe payments in your next iPhone app

Traditionally, processing a customer's payment through your iPhone app would require you bouncing a lot of information between several 3rd party accounts. These complications can be a thing of the past if you instead use the Stripe Suite of APIs to process your mobile payments in your iPhone app instead. By including Stripe in your app development pipeline, you will surely be using the most up to date billing technology to make the checkout processes in your final product.

Xamarin Cross Platform Development

Xamarin application development is a streamlined way for mobile developers, whether iOS, Android, or Windows, to develop native apps in C#. Apps built with Xamarin have a massive range of compatibility and allow for the developer to reuse most of their core code and simply rebuild surface level user interfaces. Programmers with knowledge in the C# programming language will be able to easily transform the architecture of their apps across platforms with native performance and any operating system. The Xamarin software company has many products to help you build the perfect app for your specific needs such as Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Forms.

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