Cross-Platform Mobile Apps: Xamarin Application Development in Dallas

Xamarin is one of the most popular cross-platform development tools for mobile application development. This means Nexrage Studios can use Xamarin to create applications for you on most today’s most common platforms, including Android, iOS (Apple), and Windows.

Mobile applications are valuable assets for most companies, due to their capacity for attracting clients to a set of products and services. When starting down the path toward having an application developed you will need to determine whether to build your application using a native, hybrid, or cross-platform framework. A native application is a complex application that is optimized for a specific platform, while hybrid applications are more simple and built to run on multiple platforms. Choosing a cross-platform application offers an array of benefits compared to purely native and hybrid options. These benefits can be attributed to cross-platform apps having near-native functionality as well as the option to port them to multiple platforms.

Nexrage Studios recommends that their clients consider having their application developed using Xamarin if they need the performance of a native app, but still want to have the option of deploying it on multiple platforms.

Choose Nexrage for Your Xamarin Application Development Project

Cross-platform applications developed through Xamarin can technically still be classified as native, but Xamarin code can be shared across all platforms. Everything in Xamarin is coded using C#, a sophisticated programming language that is commonly used for mobile applications on Android and iOS. This is critical in making it possible to use most of the source code created in the Xamarin application development process on any mobile platform. With Xamarin, our developers can deliver you a functioning app for all platforms without the need to invest additional time or resources into producing multiple standalone mobile applications.

In addition to portability, choosing Xamarin allows you to create a highly customized application that includes platform-specific design features. Hybrid applications typically do not allow this, because they are created without native functionality. With Xamarin, you can have a cross-platform application that mirrors a true native app. Beyond allowing native UI features, your application will also be supported fully by the hardware on common devices from each platform if it is coded using Xamarin.

Nexrage Studios wants your application to work, and continue working. To this end we can also provide application maintenance to ensure that your Xamarin application is working optimally on all platforms. At your request, our development team can implement any changes that you discover your application needs. This means if anything is broken, you can depend on us to fix it — fast.

Accelerate Your App Development Plans With Nexrage Studios

Creating an application takes time and money. Depending on your choice of framework, the amount of which can vary greatly. While high quality applications won’t come cheap, you can do your business a favor by recognizing the pros and cons of choosing Xamarin application development. Nexrage understands that a pleasant user experience can keep your audience engaged with your mobile application. We will take your ideas and turn them into an application that can be distributed on Windows, Android and iOS with minimal stress. We have been working in the software development field for more than half a decade, so you can trust that we know how to leverage this cross-platform technology to create the mobile application you envision.

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