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WordPress Development

WordPress is powerful software that runs over 30% of websites on the internet today. With so many potential uses, WordPress is as complex as it useful. With over a decade designing, installing and maintaining WordPress websites, Nexrage are perfectly equipped to handle any project of any size.




Our years of experience lets us know which plugins and themes work best, and which alternative products could waste your time and money.

With our help, you can create a website that runs smoothly and securely, while remaining visually pleasing to your audience.

By enlisting the help of Nexrage Studios, you can give your business a new digital home without worrying about quality, security, or ease of use.

Why Do You Need a Custom WordPress Site?

Sometimes it is not necessary to create a website entirely from scratch. Although custom made from scratch websites can usually do everything that WordPress sites can, the amount of time and effort required to build custom sites can be extensive. If your business does not have specific needs that are better served by custom sites, you could likely benefit more by opting for a simpler, more easy to manage custom WordPress site. Nexrage Studios knows how to provide you with a WordPress site that comes with all the functionality you need to promote your service-based business, artists’ portfolios, eCommerce store, or online community. Even if your business doesn’t fall in one of these categories, we can still create something that fits your specific needs.


There are a vast array of plugins, themes, and features that can be used to maximize the usefulness of your WordPress site. Although it is easy to learn the basics of WordPress development, fully utilizing these tools can take years of experience. Rather than taking the time to learn how to do this yourself, opting to hire a software development company will save you time and money. We understand when just using a premade theme is appropriate or when it makes more sense to build a theme for your site from scratch. Our expertise also allows us to make the best decisions when it comes to installing plugins that will actually improve the quality of your website. With us behind you, your website will have the support it needs to keep growing and remain secure.

WordPress Website Development Process

There are several steps typically involved in creating a WordPress website that totally fulfills the goals of our clients. To start, we get a feel for our client’s overall needs. This involves asking questions about their target audience and their business objectives. It is also important that we consider any pre-existing branding materials that our clients are already using. This allows us to gain a realistic perspective of our clients needs and expectations.


With this information in mind, it is easier for us to start the development process. Once the site is built, we continue communicating with the client to determine whether they could benefit from any additional services, such as Search Engine Optimization, custom theme creation, custom plugins, and ensuring functionality on mobile devices. Regardless of the difficulty of your project, you can rest assured that our team will prioritize providing top-flight customer service and address any concerns you may have throughout the process. After delivering the product you envisioned, we will also make sure you know how to use it to its fullest capability.

If you want to build a WordPress but don’t have the time to learn the technical aspects of doing so, reach out to us — we can help. Once we deliver the product you envision, we will also train you and your employees to be able to use the Wordpress platform at its fullest capability.

What our clients say

These guys are exceptional. We at Trade ‘Em Inc., have dealt with multiple development teams in the past and we’ve never had the ability to communicate directly to the talent that’s writing code. Their design work is also stellar and have knack for beautiful, efficient, and intuitive design.

Trade 'Em, Inc

You’d be blessed to work with Nexrage, they’ve compiled an elite team and are proving to be the next generation of developers that have the know how AND the people skills to get the job done right... the first time. They care about the success of your business, no matter how big or how small.

Y Marketing Company

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