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Video game design is the artform of our time. From mobile puzzles to massively multiplayer online games, video games have the power to immerse users into entertaining experiences for hours on end. Just like other software programming and design, video games require specialized skills and a detailed understanding of what gamers want. Yet what makes game design so complex?

  • Many, Many Genres - Gamers today know what they want, which has led to the proliferation of genres and subgenres. While this opens up opportunities for new games to find an audience, each genre has its own rules and expectations. Game art, mechanics and storyline are just a few factors that define each genre. Experienced game programmers understand the questions to answer before jumping into development.
  • Game Engines - From Gamemaker to Unity3D, there are a variety of game engines available to create 2D and 3D games for all platforms. Each engine requires different programming language knowledge and some work best with certain consoles and OS'. BigWorld, for example, is used to develop MMOs. Among the most popular is Unity3D, an engine that requires C# or JavaScript knowledge and gives developers the flexibility to create games for consoles, mobile devices, VR and more.
  • The Rise of Indie Studios - The accessibility of game engines, the growth of software programming and the desire to create original, unconventional games have led to a boom of small independent “indie” video game studios. Many teams consist of only a few people and oftentimes perform many different roles to see their projects through. The term “indie” shouldn’t be confused with new or inexperienced; in fact, many indie studios are run by experienced developers and some have left large companies to work with smaller teams.

Despite the potential audience available through Android apps, development is anything from straightforward. Remember that your app is competing against the other 8 million available to be downloaded in Google Play. It’s a challenge to create an app that stands out while still maintaining its compatibility across all devices. Why not turn to experts who understand the complexities of Android application development?

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Since 2012 the Nexrage team has been working to create entertaining games that stand out from the crowd of other games available. Our game portfolio includes our flagship title Age of Thrones, Blocky 2048, Fish Impossible and Orb Runner, all of which are available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Our Dallas mobile game design team specializes in Unity3D game development, an engine that gives our employees the ability to create the game you envisioned. From the game’s initial concept and design up to its release, we ensure your expectations are met. Proper execution is key - let the Nexrage team see your game through to a finalized product that’s sure to impress players.

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