The Challenges


  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Swift
  • Xamarin
  • Firebase
  • Angular

The End Product

The result of our work was a custom-built iPhone application that takes a unique approach to dating and social networking.

The Nexrage Solution

Before working with us, Trade ’Em outsourced their software development to a budget company. This resulted in a faulty product that was rife with dysfunctional internal and external features. By the time they’d reached out to us, their product was in desperate need of a full overhaul. The following are examples of the various critical defects we needed to fix before beginning work on the social features requested by the Trade ’Em team.

As a basic example, when users attempted to log out of the former application, their account could still be accessed by simply pressing the back button, effectively putting their privacy and the entire contents of their Trade ’Em wallet at risk. This was an easy fix for our team, but there were also several more complex bugs.

A more pressing issue was that statistical data was being tracked inaccurately in several different situations. When users exchanged gift cards with other users, data showing the amount of money spent and number of purchases made would sometimes go unrecorded in merchants account overview. Worse yet, our team found that the data being recorded was further compromised—the purchase totals shown on the merchants’ dashboards would increase regardless of whether users successfully completed a purchase. These false representations of sales data could harm merchants’ perspectives on how well their promotions were performing on the Trade ’Em platform, negatively impacting their long-term marketing plans.

These are only a few of many bugs we discovered when rigorously testing the Trade ‘Em platform. Yet through our professional insights and expertise, we were able to have our developers build patches that secured the data, made merchant reports completely accurate, and eliminated the other pressing bugs as well.

New Features And Improving Functionality

Up next, we were to implement useful social features, payments processing, and an accessible customer support interface. Apple Pay, Google Pay and an ACH processing system were introduced to give users a diverse range of payment options.

Within the social networking component of the application, we optimized the users’ experience when recruiting followers and following users they were interested in. We also simplified the process of navigating the trade network, allowing users to more easily discover deals or promotions that have been posted by people who they are not currently following.

Furthermore, the Trade ’Em app already had a newsfeed function, but we revised the code to display promotions based on how recently they’d been posted by merchants or other users. This benefits Trade’em users by allowing them to find the freshest deals, while, at the same time, giving merchants the ability to get their latest promotions in front of their audiences. In addition to these newsfeed modifications, we’ve also incorporated a rewards system that allows merchants to gift rewards to Trade ’Em users. Both of these features should help merchants develop new relationships with users who may be interested in their products and keep their current customers engaged with their brand.

We also revised the notification systems, as some users were not being asked for permission to activate push notifications. By fixing this, we were able to protect users from unwanted messages, while also giving the option to get consistent updates on user and merchant interactions within the application.


  • Token authentication was introduced to maximize security for individual and merchant accounts.
  • Merchants can now view accurate analytic and statistical data that shows how many trades they have conducted, how many gift cards and promotions have been redeemed since the merchant account was registered, and the monetary value of those transactions.
  • Merchants were given the option to send gift cards and other promotional items to users as a free reward.
  • Social features like user profiles, a scrollable news feed, and the option to follow merchants or other users were added to ensure that consumers can keep track of the promotions currently being shared through the Trade ’Em network.
  • Opt-in push notifications were implemented properly so that users can stay informed of trade requests or other in-app interactions.
  • Apple pay and Google pay were integrated to purchase gift cards.