React Native Application Development in Dallas

React Native is a application development framework that was created by Facebook. It can be used to create apps for top software platforms, like iOS and Android. Nexrage Studios has significant expertise in the realm of creating applications using cross-platform tools. This means that if you are looking for an application built using React Native, you should contact us immediately.

Why Use React And React Native App Development?

React Native is a relatively recent technology and is one of the earlier cross-platform frameworks to be released publicly. For developers, React Native is often praised for its easy-to-use interface and extensive features. It has also gained more users because of its compatibility with its predecessor, React.js.

React.js (React) is a Javascript library that can be used to create dynamic user interfaces. Although it does not need to be used alongside React Native, many developers choose to use it because it is simple to use and offers attractive results. By incorporating React into the UI development stage of your app creation project, we will allow you to facilitate a user experience that keeps your customers using your app longer.

A native application is intricately programmed and they are built to work primarily on a specific operating system (platform). On the other hand, hybrid applications are more simplistic apps that are meant to work on multiple programs. Massive companies like Facebook can afford the staff necessary to build, deploy, and maintain two separate native applications, but the average business may be unable to. Luckily there are other options available to businesses that want to have an application that performs almost as well as a native app on Windows, iOS, and Android, but cannot afford to invest an arm and a leg into developing two standalone native applications.

Flexibility & Portability

With most of the application’s source code being written in JavaScript, the developers can save significant amounts of time (and money). That is because, using React Native, we can take the JavaScript code and make it render it as a native widget on different operating systems. A cross-platform development environment, like React Native, can be used to create an application that functions like a native application on whichever platform it is being used on. Although the application must be tested independently on both platforms to ensure that there are no issues, in most cases less than 30% of the code will need to be rewritten by our team in order to make your application work on different operating systems.

React native is an incredibly efficient development environment, and a responsive one at that. Thanks to a feature called live reload, software developers that are using React Native won’t need to regularly wait for code to compile and restart. This means you won’t need to worry about significant delays in the delivery of your app.

Another benefit of React Native is the ability to make changes to your application without being forced to wait a frustratingly long time for App Store approval. For reference, when making changes to a traditional native application, approval may be necessary. But with React Native, making changes to the source code causes a chain reaction. The updated version of the application is automatically released on all platforms where it should be available.

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In 2012, Nexrage Studios began partnering with organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region to build websites, mobile applications and perform other software-related services. By having Nexrage Studios assist you with React Native app development in Dallas, you can leverage the expertise of an elite team of software developers who are committed to creating an exceptional end-product. If you think a cross-platform application fits the needs of your firm, reach out now to hear what we think about your project and how we can help bring it to fruition.

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