The Challenges

The Nexrage Solution

We were brought on to assist Prove IT Gaming early in the project planning and design phases of their pre-launch schedule. At this time, we asked them what their main concerns were and worked with them to determine what it would take to produce the most satisfactory product. We agreed that the user interface was of the utmost importance, so we created an intuitive design that we knew would impress the investors.
We also developed some mock up designs that would help investors understand how the system will function. The mock ups were also essential for testing out the systems features during development. A number of branding ideas were tested out as well. Through those tests, we developed branding guidelines that Prove IT Gaming will use to plan their future branding-related activities.
Then we guided them through the process of implementing a multiplayer system. We discussed obstacles they may face in the future, then gave offered our insight into how they could overcome those obstacles once they encounter them. We also made a support ticket system that players can use to inform them about issues related to cheating or latency.


  • Provided consulting services for Prove IT Gaming, a company creating an eSports wagering platform.
  • Designed an interactive user interface that was presented to their investors in a formal presentation.
  • Produced branding guidelines based on the firm’s marketing objectives and business image.
  • Discussed solutions to challenges the team of Prove IT Gaming are likely to face down the road.
  • Came up with a solution to stop cheating which consisted of allowing the player to upload their screencast of the game or any media as proof of cheating.
  • We educated their team about the best ways to create a server for multiplayer gaming.