Is Cordova PhoneGap A Good Framework For Your Mobile App?

In the software development community, there is a mild amount of confusion about the terms Cordova, PhoneGap, and Apache Cordova. Before having a mobile application developed for your company, you may want to know exactly what sets each of these development tools apart. Reach out to Nexrage Studios to discover if an application built using Cordova may fit your firm’s needs.

What Is PhoneGap?

PhoneGap is a mobile application development framework that was released by Adobe Systems around 2011. It’s used to bridge web applications across different mobile platforms. To this end, PhoneGap code facilitates the development of hybrid mobile applications. PhoneGap is currently used by millions of developers across the world, proving the viability of applications built with PhoneGap code.

Is PhoneGap Dead?

A recent business decision has changed the way PhoneGap is branded. Adobe decided to donate the PhoneGap codebase to the Apache Software Foundation for incubation. With this move, the PhoneGap codebase became permanently open source. This made the code more accessible to larger organizations that could make positive contributions to improve it. Today, PhoneGap’s open source form is commonly referred to as Apache Cordova.

What is Apache Cordova?

Apache Cordova is a mobile application development framework that is primarily used to create hybrid applications. It is an offshoot of Adobe Phonegap that was introduced as a means of keeping the PhoneGap codebase open source forever. The applications produced using this software are built similarly to web applications. Cordova uses code written in languages like HTML5 or JavaScript to build apps that function on Android, iOS or Windows operating systems. By leveraging a diverse family of plugins and add-on features, the Cordova framework can be used to create functional apps that perform just as well as apps built using native APIs.

Why Build An App Using Cordova?

Like many other hybrid frameworks, Cordova can significantly cut the costs required to get an application up and running on Android and iOS. This helps smaller companies expand their reach, without heavily impacting their budgets. There is also a large community growing around Cordova, meaning companies that use Cordova will not need to worry about having their questions answered. Additionally, you can receive the following benefits:


Cordova uses web technologies to build apps. This means you can rely on a web developer with minimal experience in mobile development to manage & maintain your application after Nexrage Studios finishes building it. As long as your in-house developer knows how to develop web applications, they will not need to learn a new language to operate your app.


Hybrid development frameworks often emphasize financial savings, but you should also consider the value of the time you will save by going with a hybrid app. Since the same Cordova code can be deployed across all platforms, porting it to other operating systems is a minor task. Little code, if any, must be changed to make apps developed in Cordova function in iOS, Android, or Windows. This means all apps can be repaired and updated quickly and with relative ease.


One of the early concerns with hybrid applications was the quality of user interfaces that could be created using them. When using an app, nobody wants to experience misalignment or a UI that isn’t properly formatted for their screen. This can kill an audience’s interest in your app, lowering the return on investment for your mobile application. Thankfully, Cordova offers the option to incorporate design components from a range of different libraries, such as jQuery Mobile, Ionic, and Sencha Touch.

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