The Challenges

  • Implementing this can be complex, because geolocation apps must be developed with consideration for consumer privacy preferences.
  • There were two primary options for the location service used, Google or Here API.
  • Users would need an incentive to stay engaged with the application and use its various features, like the “meet for a drink” function.
  • When trying to match up with potential companions, users will expect to be presented with profiles that are tailored to their personal preferences.


  • Here API
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Geolocation
  • Firebase

The End Product

The result of our work was a custom-built iPhone application that takes a unique approach to dating and social networking.

The Nexrage Solution

As with many dating and social networking applications, one of the core feature of this application is GPS Geolocation functionality. We understood that this can be a sensitive thing for some users, so we put user safety and privacy at the forefront of our development goals. At the same time, we realized that for the optimal user experience, our product would have to be capable of matching people with potential dates they are likely to be interested in.
At the macro level, we included the option to filter based on two criteria: Casual or Serious Dating. Our rationale for this was that this feature would help us tune our algorithm to match people with other users who have similar relationship goals.
We also decided to build in the ability for users to add personal details that Live After 5 can use to further enhance the quality of their matches. After finding someone interesting, the next step is planning the date.
The team at Live After 5 decided they wanted the application to simplify this process for their users by letting users ask each other to “meet up for a drink” at one of their favorite venues. We created a system that allows users to list some of their favorite bars and restaurants, then if they are nearby, other users can use the app to ask if they would like to meet there.
To sweeten the pot, Live After 5 also wanted a way to incentivize users to actually meet people. So our team also added the ability to receive discounts on a range of participating bars and restaurants.


  • We used Here API to build a geolocation application.
  • The app can connect users based on their proximity to each other.
  • With their permission, Live After 5 collects additional data from the user to optimize the matching process.
  • Privacy features were implemented to protect users.
  • The app connects users with local businesses by offering them coupons, discounts, and special deals.
  • Setting up dates is made simple with the “meet for a drink” feature, which allows users to invite other users to meet at one of the bars or restaurants they’ve listed in their profile.