Custom Ionic Applications: Hybrid App Development in Dallas

Ionic applications are a compelling choice for hybrid application development in Dallas. Extend your reach massively by teaming up with Nexrage Studios now to start working on a mobile application that seamlessly functions on Android and iOS platforms.

A hybrid application combines the features of a web application and native application, allowing you to create an application that leverages the best of both worlds from the two application types. Hybrid applications are written in common languages, like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. This allows them to have cross-platform functionality, meaning a single application can be used on both Apple (IOS) and Android devices. For comparison, native applications are specifically designed for a particular mobile operating system and are not nearly as flexible. Hybrid applications have varying benefits, but can be better or worse than a native application depending on your company’s specific needs.

Why Choose Ionic Mobile Application Development?

The hybrid application Nexrage Studios creates for you can expand your reach across multiple platforms, allowing you to connect with more people that are interested in your products and services. Ionic App Development is a great idea when you need to produce an application that functions similarly to a website. This can be accomplished without spending the time or money that would typically be needed to develop multiple native applications for different platforms — this makes hybrid applications extremely cost-effective in many situations. Therefore, choosing to collaborate with Nexrage Studios on your Custom Ionic Application, can allow you to save money and get your hands on a functional application sooner than if you chose a native app.

Hybrid applications are also easy to update. Because hybrid mobile apps share the same source code on different platforms, making changes to that source code will generate updated applications for all of the targeted platforms simultaneously. When choosing to partner with an Ionic application development company in Dallas, like Nexrage Studios, further simplifies the process of updating your mobile applications — all of your updates can conveniently be handled by our team. This mean that whenever your company notices that their application needs updated features, you can trust Nexrage Studios to implement them quickly across all platforms.

Keep in mind that if you want to create an application that relies more heavily on native features like Bluetooth, video and rendering, a native application may offer a higher level of performance stability and a potentially a more desirable user experience. Still, a well crafted hybrid application can rival the performance of a native application if it is built by an experienced company, like Nexrage Studios.


The framework for Ionic application development allows programmers to use several languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, and TypeScript. These languages are rather simplistic compared to the languages that are often used in native applications. Due to the relative simplicity of Ionic development languages, you can rely on your software development team to have a working application quicker than with a native app.


Hybrid applications are meant to function on multiple platforms at once, meaning they cannot be fully optimized for them all. While Ionic applications can closely match the quality of some native applications, it is difficult to create an application that performs perfectly on all platforms. When you choose Nexrage Studios, we prioritize making a hybrid application that performs as efficiently as possible to their native counterparts, Android and iOS.


Building a single hybrid application is far less expensive than developing and maintaining multiple native applications. If your firm prefers to spend less up-front and over time, an Ionic application may work for you.


Developing an Ionic application is a straightforward process. This means your software developer can produce a prototype application quickly for you to review, then have an end product prepared in less than 6 months.


Ionic wraps a web application in different native functions, allowing that application to be used on multiple platforms. This means users can enjoy your application regardless of their device’s operating systems.


An Ionic application uses a single source code for all of its applications, allowing you to update the application on all platforms by simply updating the shared code base. This expedites the delivery of critical updates, making your application easier to maintain.

Team Up With Nexrage Studios

In 2012, Nexrage Studios began partnering with organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region to build websites, mobile applications and perform other software-related services. Not all companies need a mobile application, but most of them can benefit from having one. Nexrage Studios believes that companies of all sizes can benefit from having a presence on mobile platforms. That is why we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that the final product they receive is developed based on their own unique vision. With every project, our goal is to create a finished product that exceeds the client’s expectations.

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