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To build custom is to be daring and ambitious. Be bold. Be courageous. Step into the next age of technology. Partner with Nexrage.


Custom Software

At Nexrage Studios, our skilled software engineers specialize in crafting bespoke solutions that redefine user experiences. Trust in our commitment to security and innovation as we shape technology uniquely for you.
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    Our team builds tailored solutions using C#, GO, Java Script, C++, Type Script, Unity, React and React Native among others.
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    All of our projects undergo an intense quality assurance process, providing a smooth delivery with immediate availability to your users.

Mobile Applications

Dive into the world of mobile app development with Nexrage Studios, where innovation knows no bounds. From concept to creation, we're your partners in crafting apps that engage, excite and empower users like never before.
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    Choosing between iOS and Android for your mobile app doesn't have to be a struggle. Our team of software engineers can help you and your team decide between an Android app, an iOS app or a cross-platform app.
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    Cross-platform apps only require a single set of source code written when using a cross-platform development framework. The source code can then be compiled in the native code of different operating systems. This option can save you time and money, while still offering your users a responsive, near-native experience. Cross-platform mobile apps are the best option if you have a smaller budget and want to reach a larger audience.

Web Design & Development

Whether it be a complex customer portal, a web app or a custom e-commerce website Nexrage will deliver a fully UI/UX and search engine optimized online experience accessible from any device, anywhere.
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    Nexrage Studios employs local software engineers from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area to create client applications. Working face-to-face with our partners increases the quality of the code and overall custom website or software application.
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    Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns businesses need to address in the age of technology. Custom software allows for customized security and increased protection from hackers and other criminals. One major downside to premade themes and other cookie-cutter platforms, are the vulnerabilities that lie within. With a custom website, we can ensure the security of your database.