The Nexrage Solution

The problem faced by Glorious PC Gaming Race was simple, and so was our solution for it: they needed their website evaluated and the design optimized. We developed a custom solution that allowed them to create a banner that they could use on their site to promote specific products. The banner, which is now located at the top of their website for maximum visibility, highlights products that have the highest profit margin. Since most visitors will see this ad when they enter the site, this solution noticeably increased their revenue. Advertising was not the only issue we needed to address though; we also reorganized their product checkout panel and improved the user experience across the entire site.
As an added bonus, our custom solution has saved the company the $20 a month that they were spending on another service.


  • Banner placement modified to increase visibility of high-profit inventory.
  • New banner layout resulted in measurable revenue growth.
  • Product checkout panel redesigned.
  • User experience (UX) optimized.
  • Saved $20 a month indefinitely by replacing a subscription-based service.