• Their team expressed frustration with their site being completely unoptimized, resulting in unreasonably slow load speeds for users browsing the EarthX website.
  • The team was also unhappy with how some of their content was being displayed in a disorderly, unintuitive user interface layout.
  • A significant portion of the backend logic was faulty too, making it tedious, and sometimes even difficult, to perform essential tasks like storing and accessing customer data.
  • The organization wanted to integrate Salesforce into their website, because this would allow them to accept donations through the website and seamlessly track them using Salesforce’s customer relationship management platform.
  • Create functionality for user to view availability and purchase tickets for movies.

The Nexrage Solution

When we first brought them on as a client, there were several core issues with the EarthX website. Each needed to be addressed individually, and these are several of the solutions our team implemented for EarthX:

  • To enhance page loading speeds, we analyzed their content, like their images, to find ways their site could be sped up without sacrificing performance.
  • Our design team also reviewed the user interface and reorganized all of the content to allow for a more consistent, and engaging user experience.
  • We created a custom application, that gives their website the capability of accepting donations and offering visitors a chance to subscribe to the EarthX newsletter.
  • The process of managing the revenue and information that flows through the site has been improved as well, because we made it possible to export customer data directly from the site, into the Salesforce CRM.

Our Process

After fully identifying which aspects of the EarthX website were most troubling, our design and development teams closely communicated with EarthX personnel. The goal of these conversations was to gather their input on how we could build a site that was not only functional and optimized, but also to ensure that all front-end features were designed with the aesthetics their visitors would prefer.


We utilized a variety of technologies during our ongoing relationship with EarthX and EarthXFilm. We built a WordPress theme from scratch to accommodate their requirements. We utilized HTML/CSS for the front-end and MySQL and PHP for the back-end. One of the major features we integrated for the user was the ability to view a list of movies and their timings and then purchase a ticket for the movie. For their analytics, we utilized Apex and PHP for communication back and forth between WordPress and SalesForce.


EarthX was being held back by a lackluster website that wasn’t built to accommodate such a large audience. We, at Nexrage Studios, determined that our best bet at making a noteworthy improvement would be to overhaul the site’s design, add more functionality, and revise their front and back end code.