The Challenges

The Nexrage Solution

Education is a unique industry with a very distinct clientele; children and young adults. Our team picked the brains of the experts at Deltify Learning to expand our knowledge of which currently trending technologies are essential for a modern online education platform. They helped us understand what we needed to include in the finished product and our development team consulted with them throughout the process to ensure that all of their ideas were properly implemented.

When it comes to design, our team focused on the fact that today’s students grew up in a highly digital world. Therefore, they thrive on technology and engage best with platforms that have aesthetically pleasing and functionally intuitive designs. We determined that by using Razor, a powerful tool used to generate HTML code, we could create a visually appealing web application that also makes it easy to use the service through a web browser.

As far as functionality goes, we also found a way to make it easier for the tutors themselves. By including a system that can be used to quickly organize assignments and assign them to students, boosting efficiencies. Likewise, the system can also grade assignments, giving tutors more time to spend working with their students. To top it all off, we also included the option to display custom graphs that will show parents how well their children are progressing under their tutors.


Of course, the most challenging aspect of this project was creating a system that would evaluate each student’s strengths and weaknesses, then, using those insights, pair students with course materials that match their aptitude. We developed this system using .NET MVC framework, C# and SQL Server for backend.

End Product

We created a digital education platform, designed to facilitate the various activities involved with tutoring. This application provides students and parents with easier access to tutoring resources, eliminating unnecessary travel and helping tutoring companies offer their services at a more affordable cost.


  • We created Deltify, an online tutoring platform that can be used to assign and grade coursework, host tutoring sessions, and manage curriculum.
  • Deltify also compiles analytics data for students, then leverages that data to calibrate the difficulty of assignments.
  • Parents can view charts displaying data that shows how well their children are progressing in their studies.