Web Development in Dallas

Having a company website is essential today, but what kind of results are seeing from your online presence? Design, layout and navigation are crucial to a pleasant user experience. Like any industry, web design is always evolving and it’s important that web developers keep up. Today’s web design and development trends include:

Familiar Design and Layouts

The rise of CMS' like WordPress and popular themes has made it easy to build websites. Unfortunately, many sites look and navigate the same with only minor surface changes like color scheme and menu headers. Customization is what sets sites apart and experienced developers understand this better than anyone else. Building websites from scratch allows you to seamlessly incorporate features without worrying about plug-ins or compatibility issues afterwards.

Responsive Web Design

More and more people are browsing the internet on their mobile devices. Websites need to have smooth, intuitive designs just like on desktops and laptops. Websites built with responsive designs automatically adjust to meet the screen sizes of the device in use. Search engines like Google now count mobile friendliness in their search rankings, meaning sites without mobile-friendly designs could appear lower in rankings.

Website Navigation

Of course, user-friendliness still applies to desktops and laptops. Hidden menus, animations for loading screens and card layouts are a few examples of web design trends used to create intuitive sites. Videos with both real-life footage and animations are also common to help users understand products and services without lengthy text descriptions.

The Nexrage Team is Ready to Go

With the proliferation of CMS’ and free online tools, it’s easier than ever to create a website without much experience. Nevertheless, user experience across all devices is key and an unpleasant experience won’t only turn off visitors to your site but also hurt your search result ranking. Why not turn to a team of web professionals who understand the challenges to effective web development and design? Founded in 2012, Nexrage has been providing custom web development services to customers in Dallas and worldwide. Our portfolio includes customized sites for artists, individuals and enterprises. Whether your existing site needs work or you need one built from scratch, our Dallas web design team is ready to see your concept through to a finalized website that exceeds expectations.

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