Custom-Built Shopify eCommerce Website

A company intended to assist consumers in building a custom and perfectly unique battle station should have an equally unique and custom website. Glorious’ goal is to provide every gamer, whether they are a hobbyist or e-sports pro, the highest quality hardware via an easy-to-use ecommerce Shopify website.

General Client and Project Information

Client Name
Client Industry
Project Type
Glorious PC Gaming Race
Shopify Development
Web and Mobile Responsive
Custom Shopify Plugins, Custom Theme
Project Mock

Synopsis of Glorious

Glorious, formerly Glorious PC Gaming Race, is a new-age gaming accessory hardware retailer primarily focuses on ecommerce sales. They provide top of the line fully customizable mechanical keyboards, mice, and other accessories geared toward avid gamers.

Website and Client Requirements

Glorious offers customizable keyboards, so they wanted to offer a customized shopping experience.While allowing customers to pick their keyboard, keycaps, switches, cable, plates and more Glorious needed a website that embodied ‘custom’.What would a custom keyboard retailer be without a custom looking website?
Custom User Interface and User Experience was of the utmost importance.

Shopfiy Development Solutions

We optimized their ecommerce platform, and built out the product customization flow, ensuring customers’ satisfaction. Our team utilized Shopify, numerous custom Shopify plugins, a custom built from scratch theme and responsive design. Nexrage and Glorious partnered to create an intuitive and fully personalized ecommerce website. Through our initial meeting with the Glorious team, we determined the most important factors to success were dependent on, timeline, scope, features, and technology. One of the biggest challenges our team faced while developing this eCommerce website, was the timeline and matching the desired functionality within the Shopify platform.

The Result

In the end, our team decided on a fully custom website, utilizing Shopify as the ‘back-end’ to manage sales. We were able to fully develop this site with the assistance of a few existing Shopify plugins, and few custom developed Shopify plugins. The aesthetics and functions were all completely custom built for Glorious. Despite the shortened timeline, our team was able to develop a fully customized website optimized for mobile viewing and fast page speed, ensuring customer satisfaction.
With the chosen technology we were able to deliver a timely and cost effective redesigned and optimized website. With customization available each step of the way while building your own keyboard, we had to ensure we optimized the Shopify cart to showcase each option visually to the user. Access the Glorious responsive ecommerce website from any device.

Key Features of Glorious Shopify Website

  • Designed a custom Shopfiy theme
  • Worked with Shopify to create the look and feel of a fully custom website
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Full Functionality across all mainstream web browsers
  • Let's Talk Business.