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Android mobile devices command the marketplace with an almost 70% mobile market share. The operating system runs devices from big brands like HTC, LG and Samsung. Nevertheless, the flexibility of Android app development does come with challenges, including:

Programming Language and Tools

Android development relies on Java, regarded as one of the most straightforward programming languages around. App development also takes place in a separate integrated development environment (IDE) called Android Studio.


Android application development means developing for all devices that use an Android OS. Each company uses different manufacturers and their own version of Android. Experienced android app developers know to program from the viewpoint of all Android phones and tablets and take compatibility into consideration when programming future updates. This also means more testing is required for Android apps than iOS apps.


The same app operates differently on Android and iOS phones to ensure smooth user experiences. Separate standards exist for lists and menus, and Android phones include a back button that iPhones and iPads lack. Google provides more design guidance than Apple, making it easier for developers to create user-friendly UIs.

Enter in the Nexrage team

Despite the potential audience available through Android apps, development is anything from straightforward. Remember that your app is competing against the other 8 million available to be downloaded in Google Play. It’s a challenge to create an app that stands out while still maintaining its compatibility across all devices. Why not turn to experts who understand the complexities of Android application development? Since 2012, Nexrage has worked with clients throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond to bring their mobile application ideas to life. Our portfolio includes game apps, customized solutions and more for artists, individuals and enterprises. Competing in the Google Play marketplace also requires a thorough understanding of your target audience, which is why we also offer startup consulting to better understand your ideas and goals. Proper execution is key, and the Nexrage team is ready to see your project through to a finalized product that exceeds your expectations. Looking for iPhone Application Development services? Head over to our iPhone Application Development services page for more details!

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