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Creating an Android application means making your services available to a majority of all mobile users in the world. Team up with Nexrage Studios now to build an Android app that will reach new markets, allowing your brand to thrive.

The Age Of Mobile Development

Mobile applications have become a standard asset for any growing, modern-age business. This isn’t just a passing trend either. Most businesses have elected to have apps developed after recognizing how an app can bring value to their customers in ways that are unique to professionally crafted mobile applications. By partnering up with Nexrage Studios to produce your mobile application, you are providing your business, and its customers, with the opportunity to build a two-lane channel of communication that makes sharing news, making purchases, and performing other customer-business interactions a much simpler process. Developing a native Android application with Nexrage Studios will certify that your service reaches your core audience members using a diverse range of design and functionality options.

Top Android Features & Design

Android applications are widely known for the general flexibility that is allowed by their open source operating system, compared to the stricter principles of creating an iOS application. Developers that are working to create the application that you envision will be able to have more in-depth control of the operating system, giving you more opportunities to create a uniquely intuitive, custom mobile application.

While iOS offers a more streamlined, flat design process, Android interfaces can be created with more depth, clarity, and precision. Using Android for your application means giving your idea life, through specific cues like shadows, detailed animations, and direct visual feedback to guide your users in how they should interact with your application.

Why Choose Android?

Any person who has an idea that they wish to translate into a mobile application has an important choice to make: Android or iPhone. Smaller companies who are not yet sure of how they would like their application to work may want to start off with a single mobile application for Android or iOS. Both platforms have their positives and negatives, but being aware of the key features of an Android application will help you decide on whether iPhone or Android (or both) application development is the right choice for your company.

Market Share

Choosing to develop an Android native application first makes the most sense if your audience is likely to live within developing economies, or urban environments. Phones that use the Android operating system are more accessible in these areas, so iPhone native applications are less likely to penetrate those markets.

Android mobile devices command the marketplace with an almost 70% mobile market share. The operating system runs devices from big brands like HTC, LG and Samsung. Nevertheless, the flexibility of Android app development does come with challenges, including:


Android development relies on Java, regarded as one of the most straightforward programming languages around. App development also takes place in a separate integrated development environment (IDE) called Android Studio.


Android application development means developing for all devices that use an Android OS. Each company uses different manufacturers and their own version of Android. Experienced android app developers know to program from the viewpoint of all Android phones and tablets and take compatibility into consideration when programming future updates. This also means more testing is required for Android apps than iOS apps.


The same app operates differently on Android and iOS phones to ensure smooth user experiences. Separate standards exist for lists and menus, and Android phones include a back button that iPhones and iPads lack. Google provides more design guidance than Apple, making it easier for developers to create user-friendly UIs.

Team Up With Nexrage Studios

If you want to stand out from the competition, a mobile application is the best way to earn positive recognition. Working with Nexrage Studios in the Android application development process is sure to create new opportunities to boost your organization’s market success. Our developers care about creating an app that represents your ideas and incorporates our extensive knowledge of Android programming language and design guidelines. Whether you are selling baked goods or launching a community organization, your customers and clients will need ways to reach you. Reach out to us with an inquiry now to get started on your new Android application, giving your audience the simplest, most effective option tointeract with your organization.

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