The Challenges

  • With a platform that is centered upon social interactions, the functions must be fine-tuned to get users to participate.
  • When people join new social platforms, they want sharing the application with their friends to be a simple and straightforward process.
  • The user interface has to be easy to navigate so users won’t become frustrated and move on to alternative platforms.
  • Location-based events are crucial to this application, so a location service must be integrated into the platform.
  • To optimize the user experience, our developers determined we would need a smart routing system that could generate the most efficient path to the location of challenges and events.

The Nexrage Solution

Socialization is a very marketable product, because many people are starved for communities that they can become a part of. But in order to draw people into this community, our team needed to execute well on a few critical design decisions.

To start, we had to develop the overall format of the site. We included the basic social media features, like the ability to add profile images and a short bio. In addition to that, we set up an invitation system that would give users’ the option to gift their friends free tokens when they join.

This feature was included to encourage members to start building a community within the Affect 6 ecosystem.

Next up was adding in the core feature envisioned by Affect 6; promoting kindness and philanthropy through an array of location-based challenges. To pull this off, we integrated with Google Maps API to allow for geo-pinning functionality. Using this system, the application can accurately direct users to a specific location where they will perform some interaction with another user of the platform.

Upon completing the challenge, a token is registered to the recipient on the site with information regarding their act and a geo-pin of the location. Using a complex algorithm that evaluates travel data, we display the optimal routes for users to reach locations that have been geo-pinned. Upon arrival, the application will show them what act was performed in that location.


Affect 6 had their application hosted on Azure. This cloud service stores data for their application and facilitates the actions involved in user profile management. We wrote the system in C# using the .NET MVC framework, allowing us to create a web application that is not overly complex, but effectively separates design aspects while maximizing functionality. An SQL Server was used for the backend and RAZOR syntax for frontend development. RAZOR made it easier to create an approachable user interface using HTML/CSS.


Before releasing the product to our client, we rigorously tested all of the functions and features. Additionally, we reviewed the security of the Affect 6 platform to ensure that privacy would be protected for all users.


  • Geo-pinned locations where users perform charitable acts.
  • Implemented community oriented social functions.
  • Simplistic user interface with easy to understand design features.
  • Token distribution system used to reward philanthropic actions.
  • Friend invitation system that keeps users engaged.
  • Route planning algorithm introduced to optimize path to challenge locations.