The Challenges

  • Wanderift doesn’t rely on the traditional model of placing a monetary price on flights, instead opting to use a token-based subscription model. Supporting this unique business format would require a completely specialized approach.
  • Wanderift provides a niche, highly unique web-based service. Therefore, their online visitors may not immediately recognize the full scope of their product offering.
  • To get word out about this new service, Wanderift needed to leverage as many marketing channels as possible.
  • Flight details must be available in real-time on the website, in order for users to seamlessly coordinate their travel plans.
  • Planning travel can be frustrating, so Wanderift needed to prioritize user-friendliness to keep members engaged in their platform.
  • Wanderift has inherently large data storage and communication needs.

The Nexrage Solution

As with any of our projects, the first step was doing our research. We worked closely with Wanderift to determine what design aspects would be necessary to optimize the performance of their site. Due to the very specific nature of their service, this was challenging—but we figured it out.
To ensure that first-time visitors could quickly understand the product, we used React to develop the user interface. This choice was made because the dynamic frontend solutions within React’s library are perfect for creating an intuitive, easy to navigate user interface.


In regards to the backend development of Wanderift's booking platform, our team determined that the web app would need to be developed using a fully customizable framework. We chose the .NET Framework and developed the platform in C#, as these allowed us the most flexibility and functionality of the platform. Flexibility was vital, because we also had to integrate the platform with major airlines such as American Airlines, Soutwest Airlines, Delta, Frontier and JetBlue. We integrated the flights and routes into our database allowing us to create a booking process that takes under 20 seconds.

End Product

The result of our work was a flight booking web app that allows users to book flights using a token-based system. This was paired with a basic, static web-page that was used for marketing purposes leading up to their full product launch.


  • A static website was created initially for marketing purposes.
  • The user-interface and other front-end features were custom built using React.
  • The UI elements were custom designed in photoshop in order to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find the information they need to make purchasing decisions.
  • Stripe, a payment processing service, was integrated for easy transaction processing.
  • An SQL server was used for the database, simplifying large-scale data management.
  • Flight data was incorporated into the local API.
  • Sabre was integrated to simplify the flight booking process for members. Sabre also helps streamline the work of the employees facilitating Wanderift’s transactions.
  • Every endpoint and function was rigorously tested to ensure security and integrity of the product.